Solicit guidance in the Shapeling Arts

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From: Below-Stairs

There are those here who know so much more than you. Learn from them.

Game Instructions: This project will consume all the rest of your evening.

Unlocked with Base Shapeling Arts 5 (You have learned mutability. Perhaps, though, your mindset can bend even further?), 400 x Nodule of Warm Amber, 2250 x Nodule of Deep Amber, Fitting in at Helicon House 5

Locked with Shapeling Studies


A lesson in apprehension

The old Rubbery by the cauldron listens to your request […]

You spend the evening sorting your stock of amber based on minute distinctions of colour and scent […]

You have the wrong skin, it explains. […] Later, you might be able to grow a different skin. […]

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