Speak with the Roseate Queen

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From: An Embassy to London

What does she want from you?

Locked with Et In Arbor Ego 100


The royal prerogative

The Roseate Queen turns her attention to the companion at your side.

[…] "Arbor has hidden long enough. We mean to establish relations with your city. Your government is... confusing. So I decided to choose your ambassador to us."

Description summary:
The second paragraph varies based on your level of In Arbor I Walked With.

In Arbor I Walked WithSecond Paragraph
The DuchessThe Queen stares at the Duchess, almost in a reverie. "Later," she says at last. "We will have much to speak of. But you are very welcome in my home."
The Gracious WidowThe Queen glowers at the Widow, who you note, has been bound and cowled. "Whatever calamity you blame my subjects for, you will not seek vengeance for while I rule." She softens, though only a little. "We might speak of justice together, however."
The Injurious Princess"I have a sympathy for exiles, Princess. And royal ones, particularly. You are especially welcome, though – to forestall your asking – we will not commit our city to any war."
The Jovial Contrarian"This city is a sanctuary. I know what kindles is in your heart. I invite you to seek an alternative, here among the roses. Listen to your better nature, we implore you." The Jovial Contrarian merely inclines his head.

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  • Rosesmall.png The throneroom awaits. The Queen awaits. OR The Queen is to appoint an Ambassador to Arbor. (Increases Et In Arbor Ego by 100)

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