Station VIII: Darkness

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How dark is it in Station VIII?

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0 - 1: Brilliant
2: Bright
3: Half-lit
4: Gaslit
5: Lamp-lit
6: Dim
7: Twilight

Lighthouse Brightness[edit]

DarknessSecond Paragraph
0The light is almost overpowering. In places it feels more like the Surface – or at least like Parabola.
1The light at Station VIII would rival the lights of Veilgarden. Your lighthouse glares at everyone.
2Station VIII is strongly lit. Any criminal activity would be hard to miss.
3-4Lights shine in the windows of the Factory, from the trains and the station, and from the houses in the village. The False-stars lend their own glow to the scene.
5Lights shine in the windows of the Factory: that is the chief illumination in the area.
6Station VIII is dimly lit, and even the Factory doesn't shed much light. Only the dirigible mast gleams in the dark.
7Station VIII is dimly lit. The Factory windows have been curtained and even the lamps around the dirigible mast have been dimmed.