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From: Improving a Mutton Island courtship

A gentle paddle in the island's black waters will do everyone the world of good.

Challenge information

Broad, Persuasive 25

  • 18 - very chancy (43%)
  • 22 - chancy (52%)
  • 26 - modest (62%)
  • 30 - very modest (72%)
  • 34 - low-risk (81%)
  • 38 - straightforward (91%)
  • 42 - straightforward (100%)


A pleasant paddle

(see table)

Description summary:
Text varies with Mutton Island Courtship

Mutton Island CourtshipDescription
1 - The Custodial Chef and the Roaming RepleteThe Custodial Chef rarely dares venture out in a boat, but the Roaming Replete has courage enough for two. When the inevitable tentacled horror emerges […], she bops it smartly on the head […], and the three of you eat it on the beach for supper[…].
2 - The Custodial Chef and the Dashing Drownie[…] the […] Chef is not convinced by the boat. He hides under the tarpaulin, muttering fervent prayers to Stone, Storm, Salt and whomsoever else will listen. Eventually, the […] Drownie […] abandons the boat; you […] row it back […] and pry the Chef out yourself.
3 - The Custodial Chef and the Hooded Lady[…] the Custodial Chef risks a little bravery. […] he is soon at the helm, having swapped his toque blanche for a tricorn. He yells shanties at the top of his voice. The Hooded Woman waggles an eyebrow and an opened bottle of brandy at you conspiratorially.
4 - The Melancholy Curate and the Roaming RepleteThe Melancholy Curate humbly submits to the Roaming Replete's directions. As a squall picks up, he offers a prayer […] in a high, sonorous tone. The Roaming Replete is impressed by the steadiness of his nerve as well as the depth of his voice.
5 - The Melancholy Curate and the Dashing DrownieThe Dashing Drownie guides the little boat into the water, calling and urging the Melancholy Curate on through the rolling waves. Little by little, the Curate finds his courage. […] It is some hours before they return, with salt in their hair.
6 - The Melancholy Curate and the Hooded LadyThe Hooded Woman sits at the stern, nestled like a hen in a hamper. Occasionally she opens her eyes to offer the Curate directions, wisdom, or a piece of her mind. The Curate accepts them all with good humour and a steady hand on the oars.
7 - Jervaise and the Roaming Replete[…] Replete goes out alone while Jervaise sits and smokes on the shore. Occasionally he sends out an encouraging cheer as she navigates a particularly difficult wave. When she lands, he hands her a cigarette and they smoke in companionable silence.
8 - Jervaise and the Dashing DrownieJervaise sits in the boat, drinking and smoking while the Dashing Drownie pulls him along the waves. He seems to be having a thoroughly marvellous time.
9 - Jervaise and the Hooded LadyJervaise and the Hooded Woman sit side by side, one oar each. They bicker ceaselessly; the boat goes in circles […] When they return some hours later, they are both beaming. "Marvellous," the Hooded Woman says. "We should do it again," Jervaise concurs.

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With Mutton Island Courtship 1, 3 - 9:

With Mutton Island Courtship 2:

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Round and round and round and

Despite your best efforts, the pair immediately fall to arguing over the direction of travel. Oars are brandished. […] if you wished to see the same small patch of zee in a repetitive, circular fashion, you couldn't ask for a more accommodating outing.

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