Supply a complete skeleton

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From: The Prelapsarian Museum: Osteological Exhibits

You have an impressive exhibit to donate.

Game Instructions: Your skeleton must be antique and not amalgamous; it must belong to a recognizable branch of the animal family tree; and it must be entirely plausible.

Unlocked with Skeleton in Progress 110-212, Approximate Value of Your Skeleton in Pennies 9000, Skeleton: Antiquity 3

Locked with Supplying Exhibits: Osteology is 10000001 (World Quality, now locked) , Skeleton: Self-Evident Implausibility, Skeleton: Amalgamy, Bone Market Exhaustion 4



"That's a lovely creature – I can already picture the diorama we'll display it in."

Wiki note: The reward does not incorporate Zoological Mania Bonus at this time.

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