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From: Debating Matters of Business with the Board

You've convinced the board: the Railway will run among abandoned buildings.

Unlocked with Question before the Board exactly 2 (Plan the next route through abandoned buildings)

Locked with Uncommitted Board Members




Success Instructions: From here, you can speak with Furnace to deliver supplies and have the track built.

1 - Wealth
3 - Scientific Knowledge
5 - Expansion of the Church
There is a general sense that this was the sensible decision, in light of the company's charter.
2 - CharityThere's a little murmuring about how future decisions will do more to reflect the Company's charter, but that, just now, with everything so new, it isn't practical to run as a wholly charitable organisation.
10 - Infernal AllianceOne or two people raise a question on grounds of the Charter: is this what collaboration with Hell looks like? Wouldn't it have been more Infernal to enter into an agreement with them right from the start?

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