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From: Debating Matters of Business with the Board

You've convinced the board to pay out a substantial dividend – to the impoverished souls of the Hinterlands and not to the shareholders.

Unlocked with Question before the Board exactly 941 (Propose paying a dividend to the poor of the Hinterlands)

Locked with Uncommitted Board Members



Sinning Jenny congratulates the Board. "This will change the lives of many people," she remarks. "At least for a little while."

Description summary:
Other board members may have commentary.

Board MembersAdditional Description
Furnace Ancona"Giving out occasional charity doesn't mean they'll be able to feed themselves forever," says Furnace. "And it keeps the power firmly in the hands of the GHR." Sinning Jenny eyes Furnace. "It's a possible change. Which is better than no change."
The Viscountess"The inhabitants of the Hinterlands are partly our responsibility," purrs the Viscountess. "We should be prepared to look after them for as long as they require it."
Cornelius"Perhaps," says Cornelius, "the recipients will be inclined to put aside a small portion of their windfall towards some Prehistoricist projects..."

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