The Blind Pianist

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From: The Sallow Spirifer and the Blind Pianist

Does she know she's being watched? You could speak to her at the end of her set.

Locked with Playing with Soul


A chat with the Blind Pianist

[…] She's a devil. […] She sits next to you at the bar and orders whisky. […]

"I see the Sallow Spirifer's back. He's an odd one. He says he only buys souls to return to their owners, but I'm not sure. […]"

Description summary:
You observe the Blind Pianist, undoubtedly a devil despite her attempts to conceal it. She concludes her set to polite applause - her music is unconventional, even by Bohemian standards - and sits next to you with a whisky, rather than blood or tears as one might have expected of her kind.

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