The Dawn Machine, Ascendant

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Description summary:
The description varies with Playing with Soul.

Playing with SoulDescription
30[…] A massive spinning sphere of red and gold and loathing looms on the horizon […] […] "The Dawn Machine," […] "It was modelled on the stars. A machine whose radiance is truth, and by whose illumination we might make law. It should not be, and yet is. […]"
35"It's the zee. […] water can be used as a mirror. And glass can be opened. […] enough for its reflection to make a Law in Parabola […]" […]"But this close to the Machine, we could break a law too. Get my spy out of Hell. Warn the Surface of what Hell truly is. […]"

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Unlocked with various redirects from Skirting the Grand Geode

Storylet appears in The Zee's Mirror


Consult the Blind Pianist
Suggest you free the spy from Hell
Suggest you proceed with the Dynamite's plan
Suggest that you do neither