The Engineer's Current Need:

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Current value: Palimpsest Scraps

Last updated: 11:15, 18 Jun 2024 (UTC)

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This World Quality decides which material the Precocious Engineer will accept when you Inquire after additional 'reports' in Khan's Heart.


1: Correspondence Plaques ( Correspondence Plaque)
2: Unprovenanced Artefacts ( Unprovenanced Artefact)
3: Palimpsest Scraps ( Palimpsest Scrap)
4: Mourning Candles ( Mourning Candle)
5: Glass Gazettes ( Glass Gazette)
6: Thirsty Bombazine Scraps ( Thirsty Bombazine Scrap)
7: Knobs of Scintillack ( Knob of Scintillack)
8: Traces of Viric ( Trace of Viric)