The Irrigo Suit

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From: The Maundering Rat's Stall

Action Cost: 0

A suit of impossible cut and hue, steeped in deepest irrigo, and woven in Parabola under the light of a cosmogone sun.

Game Instructions: The suit is Shadowy, Persuasive, and Respectable. It grants Glasswork.

Unlocked with The Rat Market is present (World Quality, now available), The Rat-Season: is Wink-and-Wane, Vial-Vane or Take-and-Toil (World Quality, now locked), , 5000 x Rat-Shilling


Only the finest

When you slip it on, the Maundering Rat has no comment. "I cannot say if it suits you or not, for I cannot remember seeing it at all." Even the mirror can only give you a hazy glimpse […] You know that it fits, and it fits well, and nothing more. […]

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