The Lucky Weasel

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From: A Companion's Revelation

While you've been preoccupied with Hallowmas, your weasel has sought tickles and attention at Mahogany Hall.

Game Instructions: This will turn your Lucky Weasel into a Celebrated Weasel, increasing your Bizarre by 1 and your Plagued by a Popular Song by 2.

Unlocked with 1 x The Bishop of St Fiacre's' Confession, 1 x The Ambitious Barrister's Confession, 1 x Lucky Weasel


Pop goes the...

The contrast between these confessions [...] had you preoccupied. [...] Not this weasel. It has wormed its way into the affections of a young music hall singer [...] It has picked up some terrible habits, and more than a few fans. [...]