The Next Stretch of Track/Tables

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Wiki note: For consolidation of varying text that is identical between Liberationist/Emancipationist/Prehistoricist paths. Currently used for the options when laying track to Evenlode (after you have dealt with the strike) and the Hills table also to Balmoral.

Plain of Thirsty Grasses[edit]

Track LaidSecond Paragraph
2[…] Every now and then, the Tracklayers reach a patch of ground where no grass grows, a blessed oasis where the earth is too salt to grow any such thing. Then they put their tents in the very middle of it, and move on only when they absolutely must.
3The Tracklayers have nearly come to the end of the Plain of Thirsty Grasses. They report back the strangest of dreams: haunting song, an ebbing Zee, an underwater city whose spires are slowly exposed to the air.
4There are no more reports […], but Furnace's office is piled with boots and gloves and protective gear. […] "They're still usable. Maybe a few grass stains here and there. But anyone that's worn these for weeks is sick of the sight of them."

Monkprice Hills[edit]

Track LaidFirst Paragraph
1 (No longer accessible)[…] The hills are difficult. Explode them in one place, and they'll come back somewhere else. […] Tunnels cave in, or grow teeth. "I think they mean that something with teeth moved into the tunnel," remarks Furnace […]
2[…] remains of old roads, and roadside burials. Highwaymen are supposed to live in these hills. And once, the Tracklayers say, they break open a barrow accidentally, and three of them fall straight asleep and cannot be woken, until they seal it again.
3"Couple of Union men went off to live in the hills," says Furnace this time. "We'll probably see them wearing kilts and holding up a train next." She says it lightly, as though this is just one of the fortunes of the work. But she looks annoyed.
4"Won't be sorry to be through this land," says Furnace. "It's heavy work. But we can see the Evenlode now, even if it's a long way off. One good thing about building over high ground. Get a view of where you're going."

Before Balmoral[edit]

Track LaidFirst Paragraph
1Over the weeks, the reports come back of progress through the hills. They move around as much as ever, and cause difficulty. But the Tracklayers are keen to push forward. They are superstitious about the tunnel, and dislike looking back.
2The terrain is hilly but, on average, sloping down: the crest of the mountain territory is behind you now, and Balmoral lies in more open land.
3[…] hills exploded, springs exposed, glimpses of the highwaymen in the hills, arguments between the Tracklayers. In her stories there's a hint that something is troubling her[…] […] "Are we going to need gold tracks for the rails, then?" But she isn't serious[…]
4"We can see the top of Balmoral now," says Furnace. "Strangely lit place, I must say."