The Prelapsarian Exhibition

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F. F. Gebrandt aims to change London with her new museum.

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Level Description

100: One must appreciate such moments
110: There are worse fates
120: Nonsense and rot
200: One must appreciate such moments
210: There are worse fates
220: Nonsense and rot

Level Increase Text

1-2: You are learning about the Exhibition.
4-12: Something has happened. What, exactly?
20: London is not as it was.
30-40: You are learning more about the events of the Exhibition.
50: Gebrandt may have arrived at a solution.
51-60: You are learning more about Gebrandt's proposed solution.
61: Events continue to progress...
100-120: Thus ends the tale of the Prelapsarian Exhibition.
200-220: You have received your gift.