The Rat Market (Storylet)

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A crawling, squeaking, jostling hubbub, precariously perched on the rooftops […] Of course, as the Rattus Faber will tell you, the Rat Market is the real market. […]

The only rule […] is its changeability. The Market marches to hidden seasons and absent winds […]

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Game Instructions: The Rat Market is open from 11AM on Friday to 11AM on Monday. What it wants, and what it sells, shifts week to week – cryptic hints can be seen on this week's Unexpurgated Gazette, in your Lodgings.

Unlocked with The Rat Market is present (World Quality, now available)

Storylet appears in The Flit


Enter the Rat Market
Enter the Rat Market again
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Take a walk around the market's perimeter