A Rat no Longer

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Reason: Data for breakpoints besides 251 RS for Fourth City Echoes and 651 RS for all currency types. Confirmation of upper ends for Scrip, Khaganian Coinage, First City Coins, and Surface Currency.

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Activated in: Enter the Rat Market

This living story arrives in your Messages Tab approximately 3 days after activation.

As the winds and tides of the Rat Market change, so too do the stampings on official rat shillings. Any ratty currency you were carrying is now only a heap of assorted coinage and rostygold.

Wiki note: Per Bruno, the breakpoints for whether a particular currency is rolled at all are somewhat wider than the maximum value of each currency. The maximum non-rostygold payout has a value of 62.5 E , though the average (with at least 651 Rat-Shillings) will be about half that.

With at least 251 x Rat-Shilling:

With at least 266? x Rat-Shilling:

With at least 321? x Rat-Shilling:

With at least 421? x Rat-Shilling:

With at least 531? x Rat-Shilling:

With at least 651 x Rat-Shilling: