The Season of Revolutions

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From: Deploy a Gambit 2

[…] It will certainly bring an end to any attempts to construct complex schemes. But your opponent won't know that.

Description summary:
Increases your Baroque to 300, but prevents you attacking with an Ambush - you can only defend on Baroque.

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Unlocked with Sponsored in the Game of Knife-and-Candle February, of the Calendar Council, Connected: Revolutionaries 10

Locked with You have played a Gambit! 1


A tide of terrors

Black-clad anarchists pour down from the Flit like a cataract of soot. Grinning men and women with curious women and merciless eyeglasses. They set to work. Beware, oh ye who dwell in peace!

Description summary:
A Baroque of 300 does not entirely guarantee victory, but it gives you around an 80% chance.

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