The Tears of the Bazaar

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From: The Maundering Rat's Stall

Action Cost: 0

Can it be? Is it —? The Maundering Rat is tight-lipped as to its true provenance, but the effects of the liquid are undeniable. A taste of utter sorrow, held within glass.

Unlocked with Direction of the Rat-Wind: is North (World Quality, now locked), Phase of the Rat-Moon: is Blue (World Quality, now locked), The Rat Market, 3125 x Rat-Shilling


The hues of melancholy

The pale liquid catches the […] lamplight […] Within you spot a startling array of hues […] a cool frost that lurks in the depths of the bottle that melts into an ammoniac smelling deposit. The essence of sorrow, forever changeable, but familiar as heartache.

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