The Tomb of the Silken Thread 1

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From: Begin an Expedition in the Forgotten Quarter

The wife of the last Khan is lost to history. A brilliant weaver, she fled her husband, taking her two eldest children with her. Rumour speaks of a final resting place in the Forgotten Quarter.

Game Instructions: You will need at least 30 Supplies to complete this: more will give you a margin.

Unlocked with 30 x Crate of Expedition Supplies, Archaeologist 2

Locked with An Expedition:


A poisoned marriage

The most reputable sources soon prove useless. You move onto the rest, which are certainly more exciting reading, if more work to winnow possible truth from utter fiction. The reason for the marital split varies by author – […] It's a lead, at least.

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Conclusion: The Tomb of the Silken Thread

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