The Triple Crown 2

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From: Changing your Mask

The golden face is blank, but for dark rings around the eye holes, and a smear of bronze for its lips. The face is overshadowed by the magnificent three-tiered crown that sits atop it.

Game Instructions: The Crown is Persuasive, Respectable, and not Bizarre. It grants Mithridacy.

Locked with The Demon, The Moth, The Crown, The Infant


Bargains done and twice-done

The hawker makes a comment about not knowing one's place, but she takes your coin all the same. The exchange is made; the Mask of the Crown is yours. It sits on your head as though it was always meant to be there.
  • Crownmasksmall.png You are suitably attired for Hallowmas. (You now have 1 The Crown)