The Unexpurgated Gazette: Hallowmas Edition of 1894

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A mention? Fame! [When your Persuasive is 69 or more, this will reveal a new option on the One's Public opportunity card.]

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Unlocked with


  1. Haunted Goldfish: You feature in the curiosities page. Your picture is accompanied by a very special epithet: 'A goldfish, mortified.'!
  2. Well-Scrubbed Urchin: There is an article about a lecture delivered by your Urchin. This is accompanied by an illustration of yourself, captioned with: 'RESPONSIBLE'!
  3. Pious Henchman: 'ECCLESIASTICAL DISSENT. BISHOP FUMES' thunders the editorial. Your influence over your Henchman is held particularly to blame!
  4. Fabulous Accomplice: Several pages are devoted to your Fabulous Accomplice. What she's wearing. Where she's been seen. Who she's been seen with. Some of this is news to you!
  5. Weeping Doll: An illustration of you appears alongside the column on your doll. The accompanying headline reads: 'THE SOURCE OF LACHRYMOSITY'!
  6. Skullduggerous Urchin: CRIME SPREE HITS LONDON. NO HAT REMAINS UNPILFERED' Neither you nor your Skullduggerous Urchin are mentioned even once!
  7. Faustian Henchman: A column of several pages recounts the undue influence of malign powers on Hallowmas. The Brass Embassy is roasted over the coals. Your Henchman is lambasted, but in scandalised tones that he finds entirely satisfying.!
  8. Esoteric Accomplice: The second page is dominated by a long-winded column, in which Mr Huffam praises the spirit of edification seen this Hallowmas. He cites your Accomplice as a most encouraging example and wishes her well in her studies!
  9. Rubbery Campanologist: 'RUBBERY MENACE THREATENS SOCIETY WITH TINTINABULATION. LONDONER RESPONSIBLE.' The headline is unkind, the illustration highly flattering!
  10. Extravagantly-Titled Tigress: The True Sovereign of Hallowmas? The edition is awash with speculation. Your Tigress preens!
  11. (Yourself): Does it matter if the articles are flattering or condemnatory? Pages and pages of ink, entirely about you!
  12. (All of them): A DANGEROUS EXCESS OF MUTABILITY! Mr Huffam is astounded!