The Venge-Rat Waders

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From: The Maundering Rat's Stall

Action Cost: 0

Matted, mottled and entirely toxic, these sturdy waders are proof against poisons of all purposes. The rubber soles allow for the storage of excess venoms for later extraction.

Game Instructions: The waders are Dangerous and Bizarre. They increase your Kataleptic Toxicology.

Unlocked with The False-Season: is Autumn (World Quality, now locked), The Rat Market is present (World Quality, now locked), 10000 x Rat-Shilling


Grim mementoes

[…] "The skins are real," he says. "Canaries in the sewers those lads. They go first, the rest of us follow. […]"

And he's made the bodies of the dead into footwear? The Maundering Rat shrugs. "They died for the community. I'm sure they wouldn't mind […]"

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