The grace of Grace

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From: Moon League: your Hunt is complete!

Action Cost: 0

You've impressed Grace. For every ten points of Elusive over 100, Grace will give you an extra bottle. She rounds up.

Unlocked with 1 x Knife-and-Candle: A Proud Parade of Victories, Elusive! 100, Sponsored in the Game of Knife-and-Candle : Grace, of the Mercies



Muscaria Brandy is lethal to breathing humans. "Year in Hell," Grace explains creakily. "Taste for the stuff. Good in coffee." A year in Hell? But she says nothing more. That's Grace for you.
  • Lurkersmall.png Now that the hunt is ended, you may choose another Form. (Removes all Knife-and-Candle Form)
  • Bottlegreensmall.png You've gained [(Elusive-90)/10] x Muscaria Brandy
    [Wiki note: the Game currently caps Elusive at 150, making for a maximum gain of 6 bottles.]
  • Sidebarmakingwavessmall.png Making Waves is increasing… (+1 CP)

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