The right one looks (temperamental)

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From: Sinister or Dexter?

Action Cost: 0

Or does it? The Clay Man's impassive face gives you little to go on.

Description summary:
This action's title varies based on your Temperamental Chirality.

1 - 7The right one looks mean-spirited
18The right one looks difficult
21 - 22The right one looks a little crotchety
33 - 37The right one looks neutral
40 - 45The right one looks mostly benign
52 - 53The right one looks very sweet

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[…] Hopefully it will be friendly enough.

At last, the gates of the garden open up before you. Beyond is a winding stone path flanked by walls too high to climb or look over. What awaits within?

Description summary:
The first paragraph varies based on your A Newcomer to Polythreme quality.

GarmentFirst Paragraph
A Scarlet StockingThe chosen stocking wraps itself around your arm like a serpent.
A Magician's GloveThe chosen glove scrambles up onto your shoulder like a spider.

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Success Instructions: Draw cards to make progress through the labyrinth.