The rubbery monograph

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From: Unfinished Business in Watchmaker's Hill

A Rubbery Man undulates nervously around the Hill. It's braver than most - they throw bricks at Rubbery Men here without a second thought. You can't help but wonder what your Surface acquaintances would make of these boneless specimens.

Unlocked with Connected: Rubbery Men 1

Challenge information

A matter of luck: it could go either way.

When Sent

How thoughtful

You describe the cartilaginous gait, the twitching face-tentacles, the water-over-stones language. The Rubbery Man sees you writing and helps out with a deposit of genuine Rubbery slime for your friend. He has a little present for you too, a sticky mass of amber.

Your friend will receive:

Rubberyman3small.png The letter from <player> is full of things like "THEY HAVE FACES LIKE SQUID" and "TERRIBLE BONELESS WRITHING". Is <player> all right, do you think? Best go and check.

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] has joined you in Fallen London! Rubbery delights await them!

Your friend will receive:



How lovely

The Rubbery Man sees your interest and comes over for a twitch and a gurgle. He has a little present for you, a sticky mass of amber. You're not going to be able to hold a pen until you wash all this off. Your letter to your friend will have to wait.

Twitter/facebook message is: THEY HAVE FACES LIKE SQUID! Hmm. <player>'s letters are getting stranger

In messages, the invitation is refered to as "Rubbery Correspondence"