The stories weren't true. No vampires. No farms. No inexplicable fashions for spiked hair.

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From: The Tower of Sun and Moon

Perhaps you know someone whose tastes have been jaded by the commonplace wares of the Surface. Someone who might enjoy the Neath. Or have you been here too long?

When Sent

That would be terrible

You dispatch the letter. Let's just hope there's no unfortunate incidents that end with a spell in New Newgate.

Your friend will receive:

Newgatesmall.png [Friend] wishes to point out the distinct lack of vampires in Fallen London. Furthermore, hairstyles are seldom spiked, and instances of overdeveloped cleavage generally occur in private. And there are rats and Rubbery Men. Perhaps this is all to your taste.

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend] has joined you in Fallen London! Expect them to call for a quick tour.

Your friend will receive:


In messages, the invitation is referred to as "A Message about Vampires "