This room is too small for your words

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From: The view from your room 1

If you scream yourself hoarse, perhaps your words will scurry up to the Surface. Snuggle into a friend's ear like a centipede.

Unlocked with Having Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said 1

When Sent

Just teeth now

That feels better. Although you can no longer feel your lips. Best not to worry - they'll turn up.

Your friend will receive:

Placeholder2small.png <player> has sent you a message. Apparently the lizard has eaten kings and the cat drinks all the coffee. They don't sound themselves. You'd better go and pull them out of madness.

Once Accepted

You will receive:

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Your friend will receive:


Twitter/facebook message is: <player> has sent you a frankly insane message about cats and lizards. You'd best go and help them.

<Needs info on what the messages window calls it>