Trade your documents with London's Ambassador 2

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From: After a Heist: The Trade in Secrets

The Roseate Queen's business is very much the business of the Ambassador.

Game Instructions: You will gain a Favour in High Places, a Magnificent Diamond and Memories of Distant Shores.

Unlocked with Purloined Paperwork exactly 2


The laws of the land

The Ambassador's official address is modest, though the decor is tasteful and there is a permanent catering staff. The Ministry for Public Decency argued that, as the Ambassador's residence should be in Arbor, expense should be spared.

AmbassadorSecond Paragraph
Duchess2.png DuchessThe Duchess reads the documents carefully, consulting with her lawyer at several points. It is a lengthy process, […] "I shall have to investigate further," she tells you as you leave. "I have spent much of my career searching out loopholes, after all."
Widow.png Gracious WidowThe Gracious Widow sends an insalubrious contact to make the trade. The Widow is, he informs you, far too busy to deal with her Ambassadorial duties at the moment. […] compensates you for your trouble, and promises the Widow's assistance in the future.
Sailor2.png Injurious PrincessThe Injurious Princess frowns at the documents. "This looks like the sort of thing they used to try to make me read." She manages a page and a half […] "I shall engage someone to decipher this for me," […] a gift in recognition of your efforts.
Electioncontrarian.png Jovial ContrarianThe Jovial Contrarian, […] rifles through your documents. It isn't long before he becomes bored. "I've never seen a lengthier nor more persuasive argument for the abolishment of the monarchy." He grins mischievously. […] offers you a 'small gift'.
Mansionbalcony.png YouIt is, possibly, breaking the ambassadorial code of conduct to steal information for yourself, but your staff isn't up to the job. You'll make use of it […], but for now, remuneration for your efforts. What the Ambassador owns is yours, after all.