Train Luxuries

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How luxuriously have you appointed your trains?

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1: Your train cars have benches to sit on
2: Your train cars have rudimentary soft furnishings, including curtains
3: You have introduced a Second Class as well as a Third Class for riders
4: You have introduced First Class carriages
5: Your trains have First, Second, and Third class carriages, as well as dining cars
6: Your trains have three classes of carriage, as well as designated cars for dining and honey-sipping

Level Change Descriptions[edit]

1: You've added seating to your trains. Ridiculous concession to the softness of the passengers!
2: You've added curtains to your train windows, and cushions to the seats.
3: Your train offers not only a Third Class Carriage, but a Second Class Carriage as well.
4: Your train offers First Class Carriages for the very discerning rider
5: Your train offers dining cars for the riders in the First Class.
6: Your train offers a luxuriously-appointed honey-sipping car.