Train with the Bishop of St Fiacre's

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From: Ambition: Meet the Bishop of St Fiacre's

His Grace's attention has wandered from the game, now. His mind, afflicted by melancholy, has drifted South. You must indulge him in order to procure his assistance.

Unlocked with Ambition: Heart's Desire! exactly 680, 50 x Memory of Distant Shores, 1 x Primaeval Hint, 50 x Memory of Light

Locked with Bishop's Training


A state of lapsed grace

His […] all-consuming interest: south. […]

At last, the Bishop raises a hand. "No more. There will, one day, be a campaign. But I am not yet worthy." Instead, he turns to the matter of the game. He instructs you in the the arts of disguise […]

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