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I'm Blightborne. My ingame username is Blightborne. I'm mostly just here to have fun in this wacky exotic lovecraftian 10101 game.

Once day, they WILL add a Divers Helmet. And I will never take it off!


Blightborne, A
Shadowy Titles Persuasive Titles Dangerous Titles Watchfulness Titles
Pickpocket Mushroom Author Watchmaker's Hill Regular Mudlarker
Courier Friend Surgeon's Model Example
Burglar A Singing Mandrake Rat Hunter Example
Cat-Catcher A Marker in Ink Rat-Catcher Example
Flit Criminal Jester of Jack The Winner of The 1999 Siege of the Pantry Example
Agent of the Widow The Ambassador's Attention Sparrer Example
Former Agent of the Cheesemonger Architect Jack Hammerer Example
Spy A Doctor of Placebo Sorrow Spider Slayer Example
Master Thief Portrait Painter The Neddly Man Example
Bazaar-Ransacker In The Empress Court Black Ribbon Member Example
Urchin Crooked-Cross Defenestrator Feducci Flayer Example
Glass Illusionist Fashion Fly Friend Labyrinth Provider Example
Unfinished-Clay Benefactor Notable Poet Wayfinder Example
Lyme Molder Empress Exile A Natural Geneticist Example
An Encyclopedia of Mahogany Hall Diplomat of The Foreign Office Zubmariner! Example
Box Thief Box Pusher Box Brawler Example
Counter-Firestones Operator Governor Veteran Zee-farer Example
Blemmigan Best Owner Cat's Favorite CENSORED Example
Unveiler of Masters Schemes Enigma's Apprentice Ensnared Example
"Orphanage" Arsonist Cultivated by Culture Example Example
Starvation Starver A Player of Chess Example Example
Moon Lander Persuasive Example Example
Shadowy Persuasive Example Example
Shadowy Persuasive Example Example
Shadowy Persuasive Example Example
Shadowy Persuasive Example Example

List of things that I, Blightborne would add work towards to improve my orphanage

  • Relocating the Orphanage to the Laboratory of Tigers's 5th Coil
  • Creating a history/museum wing all about the history of the Urchin Gangs
  • Adding a Urchin camp for Urchin gangs that might want to lay low in a place for Urchins
  • Add an tower for a place for Residents to see London in all of its "magnificence", If the weather is clear. If it's foggy, it might be used as a hideout or Aeolian Scream lobbing practice
  • Add a secret Treasure room. Or will I? I will, but I'll only take a picture of it and spread rumors about it. Maybe Some Resident will find it
  • An obstacle course, of course
  • (NEEDS IMPOSSIBLE THEOREM) A Room with a looped corridor. If you know how to use it, It'll take you to Mahogany Hall, The Flit, My Zubmarine, 5th Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers, and my Loggings.
  • (NEEDS A RUMORMONGERS NETWORK) A lot of string cups (those crafts that allow you to hear a voice from a fair distance). Maybe the Residents would connect with other Urchins, hopefully not any secrets that may have been pick up.
  • An Armory of Wild words (Primordial Shrieks, Aeolian Screams, Storm Threnody, Night Whispers, Starstone Demarks) and Maps (Map Scraps, Parial Maps, Puzzling Maps, Cartographers Hoards) and Weapons, to play with as well as forming a strike team to
hunt down Londoners that design their roofs to be a death trap for Urchins  
  • My Library, and whatever literature I created that is appropriate for the Residents. Hopefully one day, 7 Classics would be there, one day...