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{{#invoke:QualityTable|main|update=1|name=Shard of Glim|data={{Action |Icon = Crowd2.png |From Card/Storylet title = Play decoy for a street magician |ID = 4649 |Description = You shake the pocketwatch in the magician's face. He protests that, certainly! that watch is the same one he caused to disappear! The crowd titters expectantly. |BroadDiff = 17 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = A rousing success |Success description = You and the magician eventually come to well-rehearsed blows. The crowd is delighted! And a shadow moves among them, lightening their pockets. Afterwards you are awarded your share.}} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Fistful of Surface Currency|2 x}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|1 x}} *{{Gain|Moon-Pearl|10 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = A little too much enthusiasm |Failure description =[…] well-rehearsed blows. The crowd is delighted! The magician's accomplice moves among them. But afterwards you find that someone took the opportunity of your distraction to pick your pockets. Your loss almost wipes out your share of the loot. }} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Fistful of Surface Currency|1 x}} {{Action |Icon = Shard.png |From Card/Storylet title = A Prize Achieved! |ID = 28066 |Description = Leadbeater's private office. You peel the false back off his desk. My, that's a lot of glim. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Planning a Heist:|The House on Cubit Square, where Mr Leadbeater counts his shipbuilder's Echoes. ([[The House on Cubit Square]])}} |Success title = Spilling shards |Success description = You tip the glim into a blanket and roll it up while Mr Leadbeater, oblivious, snores on next door. One leap out of the window into the compost heap; and out across the kitchen-garden, dropping the odd tinkling shard as you go.}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|1650 x}} *{{Gain|Shadowy|+20 CP}} *{{Redirect|After the Burglary}} {{Rare Success |Rare Success title = A small bonus |Rare Success description = You tip the glim into a blanket and roll it up while Mr Leadbeater, oblivious, snores on next door. And what's this? A bottle of rather fine wine next to his stack of contracts? Well, if he's not going to appreciate it, you'll find it a better home.}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|1500 x}} *{{Gain|Shadowy|+20 CP}} *{{Gain|Bottle of Broken Giant 1844|1 x}} *{{Redirect|After the Burglary}} {{Action |Icon = Bread.png |From Card/Storylet title = Send Lyme to the market |ID = 7733 |Description = Give Lyme the responsibility for choosing what you'll have for dinner. |NarrowQuality = {{IL|Pygmalion}} |NarrowDiff = 9 |NarrowMin = 7 |Success title = A basket of good things |Success description =[…] he chooses mushrooms of various types, potatoes, turnips - he has an affinity with things that are still covered in the mud they grew in. You return with a full basket. Something red glimmers in his eyes as he thanks you for your help.}} *{{Gain|Pygmalion|+3 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|108 x}} *{{Item Loss|Unaccountably Peckish|3 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = An eccentric supper |Failure description = You let Lyme do the choosing at the market. But he keeps buying potatoes. The muddier, the better, as far as he's concerned. When you gently prompt him to consider other vegetables, he just stares at you. […]}} *{{Drop|Pygmalion|-2 CP}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+2 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Running.png |From Storylet title = Walter the Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros |ID = 6928 |Description = One of the myriad Labyrinth cats strolls up. "Go on, then. See if he'll let you feel it. I dare you. What, you're not scared, are you? I bet you all my glim." Where does a cat keep her glim? Never mind that now. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Shard of Glim|100 x}} |BroadDiff = 97 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = Well, that's interesting |Success description = […] He regards you. So does the cat. Finally, you touch his horn. It's really nothing like hair at all. The cat drops a bag of glim at your feet with a bad grace. […] If a rhinoceros could smile, Walter would be smiling.}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|97 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Unwise move, that |Failure description = […] You extend your hand through the bars, and try to touch Walter's head - but he is having none of it. He ducks his head and whips it back up, so fast you barely have time to react and snatch your hand away[…]}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Item Loss|Shard of Glim|97 x}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Fist.png |ID = 5351 |From Card/Storylet title = Guard a glim claim |Description = If glim claims are badly guarded, why do you not indulge in a little armed robbery yourself? |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |BroadDiff = 36 |Success title = Success! |Success description =A stout driftwood cudgel and a few hearty whacks in the shadows? What could be better, as the oily waters lap and the 'stars' gleam overhead? You pocket a good collection of glim and make your way back to civilisation before your victims start waking }} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|36 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = A distinct lack of glim |Failure description = What exactly is the point of a robbery, when none of these fellows have anything worth taking? It seems that there has been only one decent glim haul of late, and the lucky skimmer is celebrating elsewhere. }} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} {{Action |Icon = Running.png |ID = 4770 |From Card/Storylet title = Smuggle glim across town |Description = The Gracious Widow expects a glim shipment and no official interference. Can you oblige her? |BroadDiff = 75 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |Success title = Through the back streets |Success description = You know that the Constables are watching the glim […] You spend a […] few hours in the back streets dodging the remainder […] and deliver your valuable cargo as agreed. The Gracious Widow lives up to her name and you are handed your cut as agreed.}} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|1800 x}} *{{Gain|Connected: The Widow|+15 CP}} *{{Item Loss|Favours: Criminals|5 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Where do they get these detectives? |Failure description = You know that the Constables are watching the glim […]t one dogged fellow trails you endlessly. […] very long diversion to lose him. The boat you were to meet has long since gone when you arrive at the quayside, and your employer is not pleased.}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Item Loss|Favours: Criminals|1 x}} {{Action |Icon = Shard.png |ID = 7104 |From Card/Storylet title = A present from the Solitary Glim-sculptor |Description = Glim carved into shapes that make the eyes bleed and the hair fall out. How lovely! |Success title = What a nice present |Success description = You take the package of glim from the sculptor and open it up. Your vision swims. After a while you remove the blood from your eyes and carefully place the package in the sideboard. Perhaps you'll study that tomorrow. Or throw it in the river.}} *{{Gain|A Scholar of the Correspondence|+1 CP|cap = 7}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|50 x}} *{{Gain|Nightmares|+1 CP|cap=7}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP|cap=7}} {{Action |Icon = Campaigner.png |From Card/Storylet title = Literary Ambitions |Action cost = 3 |ID = 4346 |Description = A Dauntless Temperance Campaigner has dared the sinful depths of Veilgarden. She's looking for someone who can 'bang two rhymes together'. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|The Airs of London|31-60}} |BroadDiff = 5 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = A stern taskmistress |Success description = She watches you with considerable suspicion as you go through your work. As a 'poet' you are as perilous and unclean as a serpent or a gin-bottle. But she acknowledges the quality of your rhymesmanship, thanks you politely and pays you well.}} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|32 x}} *{{Airs|The Airs of London}} {{Failure |Failure title = Disappointed, not angry |Failure description = 'I'm sorry, I don't consider these pagan allusions appropriate for a properly Christian city. Nor can I commend this 'water of life' business. Alcohol is both sin and death! […] 'satin' has never rhymed with 'pattern' in any English I speak.'}} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Airs|The Airs of London}} {{Action |Icon = Blimp.png |From Card/Storylet title = Literary Ambitions |ID = 4648 |Description = A Swivel-Eyed Old Patriot is going round the Garden offering prizes for poetry celebrating the Empress. He doesn't call her the 'Traitor Empress.' |Action cost = 3 |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|The Airs of London|0-30}} |BroadDiff = 5 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = A very profitable half-hour |Success description = […] trying to remember what's actually worth celebrating about the Empress. Ancient, deaf, probably half-insane... and there's the treachery thing. […] you dash off some high-sounding drivel about her vigilance and the fierceness of her wrath.[…]}} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|30 x}} *{{Airs|The Airs of London}} {{Failure |Failure title = Defeat from the jaws of victory |Failure description = […] what's actually worth celebrating about the Empress. Ancient, deaf, probably half-insane... and there's the treachery thing. […] Your patriot friend […] notices 'NOSY, HUMOURLESS, BAD-TEMPERED' scrawled on the side of the page. […]}} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Airs|The Airs of London}} {{Action |Icon = Pirate.png |From Card/Storylet title = Call in favours in the Wolfstack Docks |ID = 4807 |Description = Ah, I've heard of you! Yes, I have! If you've a mind to forget a few debts, I can make it worth your while... |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Favours: The Docks|1 x}} |Success title = Zee-jewels |Success description = A sack of glim! Good quality, too. Whatever you did for this man's friends, they must have been impressed.}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|420 x}} *{{Item Loss|Favours: The Docks|1 x}} {{Action |Icon = treeblue.png |From Storylet title = Pursuing an Archaeological Expedition |ID = 61123 |Description = Here's a withered tree, marked with the looping thief-sign that looks like snail-tracks to the uninitiated. And there's the horse - carved in the bark. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Archaeologist's Progress|10 x}}, {{Unlock|An Expedition:|Seeking a Thieves' Cache ([[Seek a thieves' cache]])}} |Success title = Glittering Prizes |Success description = "It's not what you'd call ''high-quality'' stuff," the old man had said, "but it'll fetch a price. […] Stoodent of antiquities like you might want a look." And, indeed. A double handful of grey-blue glim […] and something else […] |Success summary = You found a good amount of glim and something else during your expedition. }} *{{Gain|Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure:|message=You have Uncovered an Unpredictable Treasure|now=(1–80)}} *{{Airs|The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter}} *{{Gone|An Expedition:}} *{{Progress Reset|Archaeologist's Progress}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|400 x}} *{{Gone|Rivals' Progress}} *{{Gain|Archaeologist|+1 CP}} {{Redirect|Unpredictable Treasures}} {{Success |Success title = A spirifer strayed |Success description = "Off the deep end. Stark raving. Souls are star-spores, she says. She'll grow her own […] Be a shame to waste all that sift, eh?" And here you are, recovering the Demented Spirifer's soul-hoard. Those souls do sparkle. And what's this, underneath? |Success summary = You sift through a Demented Spirifier's soul-hoard and found something else that's interesting. }} *{{Gain|Uncovering an Unpredictable Treasure:|message=You have Uncovered an Unpredictable Treasure|now=(1–80)}} *{{Gain|Soul|500 x}} *{{Airs|The Airs of the Forgotten Quarter}} *{{Gone|An Expedition:}} *{{Progress Reset|Archaeologist's Progress}} *{{Gone|Rivals' Progress}} *{{Gain|Archaeologist|+1 CP}} {{Redirect|Unpredictable Treasures}} {{Action |Icon = stormlogo.png |From Card/Storylet title = An Opera! |ID = 210609 |Description = There'll be neither a dry eye nor an unquaked heart by the time you're through. |Success title = Brimstone, thunder, and falling plaster |Success description = Your Revenger's Banquet rots before your audience's eyes. The Feast of Fools brings an actual carnival onto the stage, spilling out into the stalls (though the boxes are left well alone).[...] No one leaves your opera with their soul unshriven. |Success summary = Your Opera is a success. }} *{{Progress Reset|Inspired...}} *{{Progress Reset|Working on...}} *{{Gain|A Fine Piece|3 x}} *{{Gain|Making Waves|+10 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|6000 x}} {{Action |Icon = Mandrake.png |From Card/Storylet title = Sparkling around the Copse |ID = 9001 |Description = There's a small fortune in glim around the lethal trunks. The trick is to notice when they're about to become vocal. |BroadDiff = 126 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Watchful}} |Success title = Carefully, now |Success description = You pick at the glim-fragments on the uneven ground. It wouldn't do to wake the mandrakes or to cut your hands open. You collect as much as you dare and shove the glistening violaceous shards into your pockets. […] }} *{{Success Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|126 x}} *{{Gain|Orthos is Coming!|+2 CP}} {{Failure |Failure title = You never know |Failure description = You snatch at the sharp glim-fragments on the ground - then curse as they lacerate your hand. You retreat, careful not to let any blood fall on the ground.}} *{{Failure Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Orthos is Coming!|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = rose_TC.png |From Card/Storylet title = Show your Film! |ID = 210612 |Description = A vision of loveliness, to cut even the most jaded heart to the quick. |Success title = Old, far-off things |Success description = The work is brief—a single scene of a couple strolling the Champs-Élysées, arm in arm [...] The Veteran Privvy-Counsellor catches up with you outside, with a complimentary sherry. "Marvellous stuff. Not wise. But marvellous." }} *{{Progress Reset|Inspired...}} *{{Progress Reset|Working on...}} *{{Gain|A Fine Piece|3 x}} *{{Gain|Making Waves|+10 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|6000 x}} {{Action |Icon = Mercyhand.png |From Card/Storylet title = Weather at last |ID = 5479 |Description = The crowds are looking up at the strange clouds. Perhaps one should pick a pocket or three while they are distracted. |BroadDiff = 30 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |Success title = An easy sort of life |Success description = Those zailors were carrying a little glim, and you are off into the night before anyone notices. The Neath is an unlocked door for one of your talents.}} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Subtle|Quirk cap=5|+1 CP}} *{{Drop|Melancholy|-1 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|15 x}} *{{Gain|Someone Is Coming|+1 CP}} {{Failure |Failure title = Not this time |Failure description = Not all of them were distracted by the weather, alas. Run for it!}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Subtle|+1 CP|Quirk cap=5}} *{{Drop|Melancholy|-1 CP}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Universityplaceholder.png |From Card/Storylet title = Assistants wanted |ID = 6824 |Description = You know people who know people. If you put the word out, you'll surely be deluged with keen graduate students. |BroadDiff = 108 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Watchful}} |Success title = A pleasant surprise |Success description = […] You mention to a few colleagues that you're looking for assistants, and within days, eager young people begin knocking at your door. You'll be able to take your pick. Some of them have even left you token gifts to indicate their keenness.}} *{{Success Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Term Passing...|+2 CP}} *{{Gain|Foxfire Candle Stub|50 x}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|57 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Less than inspiring |Failure description = You mention to a few colleagues that you're in need of assistants. […] graduate students start turning up at your door. But […] your colleagues are sending you their droopiest, least ambitious graduates - the ones they've been looking to fob off […]}} *{{Failure Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Term Passing...|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Book.png |From Card/Storylet title = Set Lyme to writing |ID = 7749 |Description = Lyme has quite a fondness for reading. Encouraging him to write fiction is the ultimate test of his education. |Game Instructions = Success here will mean your pupil's education is finished! |NarrowQuality = {{IL|Pygmalion}} |NarrowDiff = 13 |NarrowMin = 12 |Success title = A charming tale of weasels and lizards |Success description = You spend a lot of time talking to Lyme about style, narrative and plot. It pays off when he presents you with a sweet little tale about his pets. He's inordinately fond of his pets, and he's shown a lot of imagination here...}} *{{Gone|Pygmalion}} *{{Gone|Educating Lyme}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|700 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = An odd little tale |Failure description = Lyme wants to try this by himself, and so you leave him to his own devices. It is fiction, after all. Maybe it's better without too much guidance? No, no, it's not. You consign his story to the flames before it can imprint itself too strongly...}} *{{Drop|Pygmalion|-10 CP}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+3 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Urchin.png |ID = 5919 |From Card/Storylet title = The Urchin and the Monkey |Description = Lying comes as naturally to the lad as breathing, but it will be interesting to see what explanation he comes up with. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Watchful|35}} |BroadQuality = {{IL|Watchful}} |BroadDiff = 40 |Success title = A squabble over money |Success description = […]turns out that he has been dressing your monkey up as a child - a girl child![…] They wander[…] begging and picking pockets[…] […]the pair are squabbling over the division of the proceeds[…] You confiscate a reasonable chunk of their takings[…]}} *{{Success Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|40 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Slippery little beggar |Failure description =You ask your urchin to explain the pinchings[…]"Wot?" he asks. "Me? I loves the monkey. 'Im and me is best pals, honest." He is almost believable - but there's just something about the way he's stuffed his fists in his pockets that gives him away.[…]}} *{{Failure Increase|Watchful}} {{Action |Icon = Blackjack.png |From Card/Storylet title = Strike! |ID = 5184 |Description = Neddy men are the freelance enforcers of the Masters. Mr Fires is in no mood to indulge the workforce. Stout men with staves are invited to assemble at Gibbet's Wharf. |BroadDiff = 64 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = Practical negotiations |Success description =[…] you approach the picket line to negotiate. At first, the dockers fail to grasp your argument that a poorly paid job is preferable to a broken arm. However, they embrace the idea with gusto once it has been properly demonstrated. |Success summary = Crack, and the job is done!}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|64 x}} *{{Gain|A Neddy Man|+1 CP}} *{{Gone|A Union Sympathiser}} {{Failure |Failure title = Who threw that? |Failure description = The rabble are unimpressed by your threats and exhortations. A chunk of rock thrown from the crowd catches you in the ear. Another follows, and suddenly it's raining stones. You are forced to retreat.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} *{{Gone|A Union Sympathiser}} {{Action |Icon = Bazaar.png |From Card/Storylet title = Educating Lyme 1 |ID = 7728 |Description = The new order of things, since the Fall, is something everyone's had to get used to. If Lyme's to be involved in his uncles' 'business', he will need to follow suit. |BroadDiff = 102 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = A keen interest |Success description = Post-Lapsarian politics is all about the Masters of the Bazaar. You explain […] Lyme drinks it in. At the end of the lesson, you look towards the back of the theatre. Is that a pair of glowing eyes, there in the shadows? Has… someone… been listening?}} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Pygmalion|+2 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|102 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = A dangerous interest |Failure description = You explain what you know about the Masters of the Bazaar, and Lyme listens avidly. He asks question after question about their power. Questions you don't know the answer to. Dangerous questions.}} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Nightmares|+1 CP}} [[Category:Educating Lyme]] {{Action |Icon = Blackjack2.png |From Card/Storylet title = Work for Jasper and Frank |ID = 7424 |Description = Some of Jasper and Frank's 'business interests' involve regular 'collections' from stallholders in Spite. |BroadDiff = 105 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |Success title = Business as usual |Success description = You make the rounds of the traders. Candlemakers, toffee-vendors, hatpin sellers [...] Collecting the money's not difficult at all. Your main problem is reassuring them that you're not going to hurt them. You take your cut as usual.}} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|105 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Rebellion |Failure description = You make the rounds of the stallholders that pay Jasper and Frank for 'protection'. Most are biddable, but one handkerchief-seller refuses to pay and threatens to set Mr Veils on you. The Unfinished Men are not happy.}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Warning.png |From Card/Storylet title = The Battle of Wolfstack Docks |ID = 5330 |Description = The striking workers have learned to trust your leadership. That was foolish of them... |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|A Union Sympathiser|5}} |Success title = A victory not without cost |Success description = At a crucial point in the battle, you execute your treacherous move. Your fellow dockers are devastated […] You are handsomely rewarded [but] the neddies are distant and barely return your greetings. A traitor is a traitor after all […] }} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|80 x}} *{{Twist|no longer=A Union Sympathiser}} *{{Accomplishment|A Veteran of the Battle of Wolfstack Docks -}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+3 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Warning.png |From Card/Storylet title = The Battle of Wolfstack Docks |ID = 5329 |Description = Working as a neddy man has opened your eyes to their cruelty. At a crucial moment in the battle, you plan to turn on your supposed allies... |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|A Neddy Man|5}} |Success title = A traitorous victory |Success description = The neddy men rely upon your leadership. When you turn upon your fellows in the heat of battle, the effect on their morale is catastrophic.[…] However, whenever you return to Gibbet's Wharf you have the feeling that you are not wholly trusted.[…] |Success summary = The Dockers are grateful, but a traitor is a traitor, after all. Also, best to stay away from Mr. Fires and the Neddy Men. }} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|80 x}} *{{Twist|no longer=a Neddy Man}} *{{Accomplishment|A Veteran of the Battle of Wolfstack Docks -}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+3 CP}} *{{Gone|Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar}} {{Action |Icon = Warning.png |From Card/Storylet title = Memoirs of a butler |ID = 5521 |Description = Just stealing the manuscript would be a waste of time. Stealing the manuscript and using it for the purposes of blackmail, however... |BroadDiff = 84 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |Success title = 'Unless you pay me...' |Success description = The publisher's office offers only a token resistance to your larcenous skills. The manuscript hasn't even been placed in the safe. Within the week you are being paid off by a governess, an opera singer and a junior minister. Most gratifying.}} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|84 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = A little slow |Failure description = By the time you arrive at the publisher's office, someone else has stolen the manuscript. Can one trust nobody in this city?}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Shard.png |From Storylet title = Opportunism in Spite |ID = 173619 |Description = Those who certify and assess Glim are appointed by the Masters of the Bazaar. Most burglars wouldn't dare. Would you? |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|The Airs of London|13-38}} |BroadDiff = 42 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |Success title = A distressing reputation is not enough |Success description = The tales of what happens to those who rob the Masters' operations are sobering. […] you find it a simple matter to sneak in and help yourself […] […] your attention is drawn by the […] cages […] apparently, the assayer is keeping mice […] Odd. But not your problem. }} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|42 x}} *{{Gain|Daring|cap=6|+1 CP}} *{{Airs|The Airs of London}} {{Rare Success |Rare Success title = A temporary closure |Rare Success description = When you get to the office, Constables are restraining the staff, who moan […] in some sort of ecstatic dance. You wait for them to pull away […] before heading inside. There's nothing much in there now. […] Just what the assayers carved into the walls […] }} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Maniac's Prayer|8 x}} *{{Airs|The Airs of London}} {{Failure |Failure title = Surely they can't be guards? |Failure description = The tales of what happens to those who rob the Masters' operations are sobering. You expect […] little in real security […] However, what you weren't expecting was a workroom full of caged mice […] which attracts a nearby Constable. You leave […] empty handed. }} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+1 CP}} [[Category:Daring Gain Pure|1]] {{Action |Icon = Widow.png |From Card/Storylet title = Smuggle glim across town |ID = 5603 |Description = How is she to know that it was you rather than the Constables that made off with her glim? |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Connected: The Widow|15}} |BroadDiff = 300 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |Success title = Tell the Widow a pack of lies |Success description = "Tell the Widow that she has a traitor in her organisation. The Constables knew we were taking the merchandise across that bridge, and there were detectives following me from the beginning. The informer must have been someone from the ship. […]" }} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|2800 x}} *{{Drop|Connected: The Widow|-120 CP}} *{{Item Loss|Favours: Criminals|5 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = A suspicious lot |Failure description =The Widow's employees saw this one coming. They catch you in a moderately compromising position, loading the glim into a carriage that was definitely not part of the plan. They take every fragment of glim and fold themselves into the shadows.}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+1 CP}} *{{Drop|Connected: The Widow|at least -190 CP, possibly a reset}} *{{Item Loss|Favours: Criminals|5 x}} {{Action |Icon = Stalagmite.png |ID = 7449 |From Card/Storylet title = A Geological Expedition |Description = It's dangerous out there. Better to smuggle along a fossil you 'found' earlier. |BroadDiff = 107 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = Impressive foresight |Success description = Before setting out, you liberate […] fossil specimen from the Department of Palaeomycology. Now to stage a […] discovery out on the Wastes. […] "[…] We must take this to the experts immediately!" You promise to do so. They tip you extremely well. |Success summary = You discover your own fossil and promise to get it to experts, but just take their tips as you go.}} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|107 x}} *{{Gain|Seeking...|+3 CP}} {{Failure |Failure title = "That morphology seems so familiar" |Failure description = You stage the 'discovery' of your stolen specimen with aplomb, but some of these ladies are sharper-eyed than they appear. […] You have to distract their attention and wind up the expedition before anyone starts asking awkward questions.}} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+1 CP}} *{{Drop|Seeking...|-1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Violin.png |ID = 7442 |From Card/Storylet title = An evening of refined entertainment |Description = You can easily conduct a performance like this. It's just popular classics, after all. And think of the acclaim. |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |BroadDiff = 105 |Success title = "Wonderful!" |Success description = The auditorium is hushed[…] Baton in hand, you begin. The next few hours pass in moments, as you lose yourself in the music. Before you know it, you're swept up in a tumult of applause[…] People fall over themselves to press gifts on you. Well done. }} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Drop|Tales of Mahogany Hall|-10 CP}} *{{Gone|Day of the Week}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|55 x}} *{{Gain|Moon-Pearl|55 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = What's that sound? |Failure description = It sounds like... a string section and a woodwind section playing at completely different rhythms. Oof. That's unpleasant. You'll be issuing refunds at the box office tonight.}} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Drop|Tales of Mahogany Hall|-20 CP}} *{{Gone|Day of the Week}} {{Action |Icon = blackjack2.png |From Card/Storylet title = A resurrected tradition |ID = 128484 |Description = This gang of faux-drunkards is snaring dazed zailors to serve in the filthy and perilous confines of Mr Fires' dirigibles. Liberty must be defended. Defend it now with a smack on the back of the head. |BroadDiff = 21 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = Local justice |Success description = You club a couple of the gang […]. Suddenly they're all business, and blades glint […]. [S]uddenly the locals are with you! […] A mob […] thrashes the press gang out of the neighbourhood. You collect a little glim from the casualties.|Success summary = You fight the gang. The locals join and reward you.}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Magnanimous|Quirk cap=5|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|30-39 x}} *{{Drop|Ruthless|-1 CP}} *{{Airs|The Airs of London}} {{Failure |Failure title = Quite a large gang |Failure description = Perhaps taking on a full press gang wasn't that great an idea. They make to circle you, but you're too quick. You are forced to retreat, lest you enjoy an entirely new career in the dirigibles.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Airs|The Airs of London}} {{Action |Icon = Knifeting.png |ID = 5149 |From Card/Storylet title = Ambushed by pirates! |Description = Are they here to press you to piratical service? Paid by an enemy? Let's worry about that later, shall we? |BroadDiff = 72 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = Blood and glim |Success description = Once the stabbings […] are dealt with, you question those few who can still talk. It seems they robbed a fine cargo of glim a few days back […] You take what fragments they have remaining and bid them a pleasant evening as they moan in the gutter.}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|72 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Outnumbered |Failure description = The fight goes badly. You put up a valiant struggle, but they are expert brawlers and there are half a dozen of them. Luckily, they catch the aroma of a nearby whelk stall and rush off to it before you are seriously mauled.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Fork.png |From Storylet title = Educating Lyme 1 |ID = 7726 |Description = Clay Men have all the problems you'd expect handling knives, forks, knitting needles, and so on. |BroadDiff = 97 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = Neatly done |Success description = After a few attempts at various crafts, Lyme produces a passable pair of crocheted mittens. He's making good progress with a spoon, too. It turns out that Clay Men sometimes ingest mud or gravel. It strengthens them. }} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Pygmalion|+2 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|97 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = This is getting expensive |Failure description = Lyme tries hard, but in his huge hands, spoons bend, knitting needles snap and pencils splinter. You haven't dared give him a knife. }} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Shard.png |From Card/Storylet title = Dice games on the quayside |ID = 4573 |Description = Be prepared to lose your stake... |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Shard of Glim|20 x}} |LuckChallenge = 50 |Success title = You've won! |Success description = The zailors grumble suspiciously as you pocket your winnings. }} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|40 x}} {{Rare Success |Rare Success title = Tall tales |Rare Success description = The zailor doesn't have the glim to cover his debt to you. But he will tell you of how to ward off the Fiddler's Fluke, and how brave Captain Andersson sailed to his doom at the hands of the Circumcellion Brotherhood. }} *{{Gain|Zee-Ztory|2 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = You've lost! |Failure description = The zailors cheer and clap you on the back, chuckling. One offers you a slug of black rum. Next time... }} *{{Item Loss|Shard of Glim|20 x}} {{Action |Icon = dig.png |From Card/Storylet title = The Geology of Winewound |ID = 8835 |Description = You have a great deal of experience with archaeology now. You know what sort of rocks to look for. |BroadDiff = 120 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Watchful}} |Success title = A valuable find |Success description = You're looking for the right kinds of rock […] But these are rocks of a kind you've never seen before. They're crystalline; almost ''bristly''. Handling them is an uncomfortable experience. But they're worth a comfortable sum of money.}} *{{Success Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Jade Fragment|70 x}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|60 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Junk |Failure description = […] Sadly, though, it's looking like this part of the heath is becoming popular with picnickers, and all you find today are a couple of spoons and a Mason jar. To add insult to injury, a lost bat flies into your hair and gives you a nasty fright.}} *{{Failure Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Nightmares|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Purse.png |From Storylet title = Dispose of your Pickpocket's Trophies |Action cost = 0 |ID = 40697 |Description = A miscellany of little treasures. Let's tot 'em up. |Game Instructions = Gain Whispered Hints, Jade, Rostygold, Moon-Pearls and Glim. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Pickpocket's Trophy|10 x}} |Success title = Scraps and secrets |Success description = Is jade truly fossilized souls? And why does rostygold smell like that? Perhaps the answer is in these secrets... no, it's not. But the secret about the clock and the raven is curious indeed. }} *{{Gain|Whispered Hint|20 x}} *{{Gain|Jade Fragment|30 x}} *{{Gain|Piece of Rostygold|30 x}} *{{Gain|Moon-Pearl|1-110? x}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|1-100 x}} *{{Gain|Shadowy|+2 CP}} *{{Item Loss|Pickpocket's Trophy|10 x}} {{Action |Icon = Leap.png |From Card/Storylet title = Race across the river |ID = 5507 |Description = Charge! Last one to the south bank is a weasel! |BroadDiff = 84 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = Glim and death |Success description = You power ahead, and you are out of the pack […] when the Drownies come. Three […] are pulled under [and] not seen again […] you speed on to victory. Mister Stainrod presents you with a […] trophy and brushes aside […] the lost swimmers […]}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|84 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = The Drownie songs |Failure description = A dozen cold hands grab you from beneath. They sing to you. Such terrible songs! Songs for once-human voices and crushing black depths. You struggle free, but the songs will haunt you.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Nightmares|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Typewriter.png |From Card/Storylet title = Set Lyme to writing |ID = 7735 |Description = It will be good practice. Jasper and Frank want him to be able to keep detailed records. |NarrowQuality = {{IL|Pygmalion}} |NarrowDiff = 12 |NarrowMin = 12 |Success title = Apt and pithy |Success description = Lyme produces a grubby piece of paper, smeared but legible. It's a piece entitled ''The Economy of Wolfstack Docks.'' There are a few errors here[…]but overall, it's an achievement[…] He does demonstrate quite a bias towards the dock workers, though.}} *{{Gain|Pygmalion|+3 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|112 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = A jumble of rage |Failure description = Lyme hands you a piece of paper. He's looking shy. When you unfold it, you don't find the promised piece on […] Docks. Instead it's an incoherent, ranting tirade against the Masters. The content is dangerous, but the spelling and grammar are worse[…]}} *{{Drop|Pygmalion|-5 CP}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+3 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Sardonicmusichallsinger.png |ID = 7412 |From Card/Storylet title = An evening of refined entertainment |Description = Have a rest, for a change. Let the wonderful entertainment just wash over you. Then take a percentage anyway. |BroadDiff = 108 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |Success title = It's all in the attitude |Success description = You slip into a half-full box and help yourself to a glass of rare, sparkling saprotrophic wine. The other, elderly, occupants won't even notice you're there. Then you just let the velvet cushion you and the voices of the sopranos carry you away... }} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Drop|Tales of Mahogany Hall|-10 CP}} *{{Gone|Day of the Week}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|54 x}} *{{Gain|Nodule of Deep Amber|54 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = "And 'oo are you?" |Failure description = You put in a lot of work, preparing for tonight[…] So it's all the more galling when the box-office urchins refuse to let you have your share[…] on the grounds that they "ain't never seen yers 'ere before". And, oh, no - one of them's whistling that song. }} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Plagued by a Popular Song|+1 CP}} *{{Drop|Tales of Mahogany Hall|-20 CP}} *{{Gone|Day of the Week}} {{Action |Icon = Fist.png |From Card/Storylet title = Dealing with the Faithless Rake |ID = 4955 |Description = You don't much care for the truth of the situation when there's money to be made. |Success title = What, again? |Success description = The Faithless Rake is resigned to being a victim to blackmailers. You extort some jewellery from him and never hear from him again.}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|80 x}} *{{Gone|Commissioned to Enact Love's Revenge}} {{Action |Icon = Bag.png |From Card/Storylet title = A day at the fishponds |ID = 6533 |Description = 'The beetles are for the encephalic sturgeon. Watch your fingers. The crocodiles were fed last week, so don't worry about them. Thomas is the bother, but he'll be fine once he has his glim.' |BroadDiff = 98 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = Thomas' glim selection |Success description = […]Thomas is a crab the size of a hansom.[…]Thomas emerges and inspects the glim pile. He clicks and clatters over it like a society matron selecting a necklace. He grabs a few pieces, rams them into his carapace, and sidles back into the water[…]}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Time Passing in the Labyrinth|+2 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|98 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Incorrect intelligence |Failure description = Whatever the crocodiles were fed last week, it didn't agree with them. Long jaws snap at you from the shallows. Blood mixes with the salt water as you fight your way free.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Time Passing in the Labyrinth|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Fist.png |From Card/Storylet title = The Ring of Meat: Take part in an illegal fighting ring |ID = 170022 |Description = You step into the ring with a crack of your knuckles. You can get this done quick and clean. Quick, anyway. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Piece of Rostygold|100 x}} |BroadDiff = 37 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = In the cold circle of hanging, half-frozen carcasses you fill the air with steaming breath, pleasing cartilaginous sounds and, ultimately, teeth. |Success description = Your opponent doesn't rise […] you seem to have made quite the impression. Apparently, this is only the first of Feducci's rings, and those who make a name for themselves here may be invited to the next, more prestigious arena: the Ring of Roses.}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+20 CP|cap = 60}} (modified) *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|37 x}} *{{Item Loss|Piece of Rostygold|100 x}} *{{Gain|Tale of Terror!!|2 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Your opponent is a bandaged tomb-colonist who has died so many times he has forgotten how to feel pain... |Failure description = Among the slabs of meat swinging on their rusty hooks, the two of you trade blow after blow for the best part of the night until the laughing spectators pull you apart. As you head out into the gloomy morning you know that you can beat him.[…]}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+20 CP|cap = 60}} (modified) *{{Item Loss|Piece of Rostygold|100 x}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Blackjack.png |From Card/Storylet title = The Ring of Meat: Take part in an illegal fighting ring |ID = 170023 |Description = There are no rules in Feducci's tournaments. Time to see if your opponent remembered that. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Piece of Rostygold|100 x}} |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |BroadDiff = 34 |Success title = It turns out that a mostly-frozen slab of meat ripped from a dangling hook makes an effective improvised weapon. |Success description = You step over your opponent (or what can now be described as 'the keening meat-pile'), to receive the adulation of the crowd,[...]Those who prove themselves in the Ring of Meat may be recruited to the next of Feducci's tournaments: the Ring of Roses.}} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|40 x}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+10 CP|cap=60}} (modified) *{{Item Loss|Piece of Rostygold|100 x}} *{{Gain|Tale of Terror!!|2 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = So close. Another second and you'd have had him. |Failure description = He was practically a giant, but […] you got one of the chains […] wrapped around his throat. […] before he blacked out, he […crushed] you under the weight of [him … and] half a frozen cow. You spit blood. Next time, you won't let him get away […]}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} *{{Item Loss|Piece of Rostygold|100 x}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+10 CP|cap=60}} (modified) {{Action |Icon = Flag.png |ID = 5187 |From Storylet title = The Battle of Wolfstack Docks |Description = ''"For jobs! For the Union! Death to the neddy men!"'' |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Dangerous|69}}, {{Unlock|A Union Sympathiser|5}} |Success title = Victory! |Success description = The night wears on and the battle is still raging. Both sides have suffered casualties in this strike, and neither will give quarter. The neddies fight as if Mr Fires himself is behind them. Perhaps he is. Someone has persuaded the landlord […] |BroadDiff = 72 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success summary = An army of neddy men and sorrow-spiders beset your rag-tag group of dockers but you fought back valiantly and prevailed. }} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+3 CP}} *{{Accomplishment|A Veteran of the Battle of Wolfstack Docks -}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|69 x}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} *{{Gone|A Union Sympathiser}} *{{Gain|Favours: The Docks|3 x}} *{{Gain|Renown: The Docks|+5 CP}} {{Failure |Failure title = An early casualty |Failure description = Ouch. Hostilities have barely begun when a well-aimed neddy stick thumps you on the temple and everything goes black. When you wake up, hours or minutes later, the battle has moved on. […] You have to return to the fray! }} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Crowd2.png |ID = 5186 |From Storylet title = The Battle of Wolfstack Docks |Description = ''"For commerce! For stability! For Mr Fires!"'' |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|A Neddy Man|5}} |BroadDiff = 72 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = Victory! |Success description = The battle rages long […] […] through skill, stamina and sheer force of will, you turn the tide of battle. […] The strike is broken! […] It is Mr Fires himself! […] 'Not bad, my little one,' it hisses. […] 'I'll be keeping an eye on you.' }} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+3 bonus CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|69 x}} *{{Gain|Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} *{{Accomplishment|A Veteran of the Battle of Wolfstack Docks -}} *{{Gone|A Neddy Man}} *{{Gone|A Union Sympathiser}} {{Failure |Failure title = An early casualty |Failure description = Not your finest hour. Mere minutes into the hostilities, a well-aimed brick catches you between the eyes and everything goes black. When you wake up […] the battle has moved on. It rages long […] with no clear victory. You must get back into the fray!}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Shard.png |ID = 5365 |From Card/Storylet title = Panning the Unterzee |Description = It is said that glim falls according to some hidden pattern. Breaking even a small part of that code could bring riches. |BroadDiff = 36 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Watchful}} |Success title = A good day for glim |Success description = It is seldom that glim falls over the dry areas of the Neath. You check your calculations, and you are sure: a fall near the Prickfinger Wastes. You hail a hansom and get there as the glim is landing.[…] you scoop up a solid handful of the […] stuff.}} *{{Success Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|36 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Too late... |Failure description = […] you are not the only one who can calculate Glim-fall. […] Eyes narrow as you approach, […] the good spots have all been claimed. […] you […] wonder why the sea skimmers […] smash up the black coral near their claims with pickaxes. You shiver […].}} *{{Failure Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Nightmares|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Urchin.png |From Card/Storylet title = The cutthroat world of advertising |ID = 7400 |Description = Organise your urchins. Instruct them to wait until the Antimacassar's bills are up on hoardings and shutters, then paste over them. |BroadDiff = 104 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = A successful campaign |Success description = Your urchins set out, wielding their buckets of paste and rolls of bills. They move quietly through the night […] By the next day, the only bills visible around Spite and Veilgarden are for Mahogany Hall. People know about your shows, not theirs […]}} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Tales of Mahogany Hall|+1 CP|Quirk cap=22}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|104 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Urchins nowadays |Failure description = […] It's like herding bats. By the next day, the Antimacassar's urchins have not only papered the streets with their own bills but also stuck one on Mahogany Hall's front door! To add insult to injury, they're all whistling a terribly catchy tune.[…]}} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Plagued by a Popular Song|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Follow2.png |From Card/Storylet title = A jewel-thief needs an accomplice |ID = 6404 |Description = You prefer to do this kind of work alone. |BroadDiff = 7 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |Success title = The lady is presently engaged |Success description = [...] Judging by the sighs emanating from the next room, the young heiress is occupied. You pick the necklace from a pile of discarded corsetry and shimmy back down the drainpipe. [...] you split the take with your accomplice and part on good terms.}} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|24 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Caught in the act |Failure description = You are rifling through the lady's [things] when the door bursts open. You are suddenly [facing] a gentleman clad only in his long-johns [...] There is a long moment of mutual surprise. [...] You have some choice criticisms for your accomplice […]}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} {{Action |Icon = Shard.png |From Card/Storylet title = Creaking from Above |ID = 247632 |Description = The creaking and whistling from above presages a bountiful fall of glim. Man the nets! Heads down! |LuckChallenge = 50 |Success title = Glim-fall the like of which... |Success description = You can see the purple haze that marks the glim-fall. […] Quite beautiful, until you're under it. It falls by the crashing handful into your nets. A zailor screams as a sharp little stone rips through his forearm. Still, there's a decent haul here.}} *{{Gain|Zailing...|{{Use|Zailing Speed|Type=Math}}|message = You are making progress towards your destination.}} *{{Gain|Silent Stalker|now=1|message=Is something stalking your ship?}} *{{Gain|Troubled Waters|+2 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|(2 * {{Use|Zee Peril|Type=Math}}) x}} *{{Gain|Someone Is Coming|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Time Spent at Zee|1 x|hidden=yes}} {{Failure |Failure title = It fell and it fell, but not here |Failure description = You can see the purple haze […] A diaphanous lavender curtain over the black waters. Quite beautiful. But it's beyond your reach. You steam towards the glim, but to little avail. The curtain falls and is gone, leaving only a few specks on your deck.}} *{{Gain|Zailing...|{{Use|Zailing Speed|Type=Math}}|message = You are making progress towards your destination.}} *{{Gain|Troubled Waters|+9 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|({{Use|Zee Peril|Type=Math}} / 3) x}} *{{Gain|Silent Stalker|now=1|message=Is something stalking your ship?}} *{{Gain|Time Spent at Zee|1 x|hidden=yes}} {{Action |Icon = Shard.png |From Card/Storylet title = The Rarer Artifacts |ID = 9104 |Description = At the very least, you might find some glim in this remote spot. |BroadDiff = 127 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Watchful}} |Success title = The wonders of the Sea of Voices |Success description = You rig up a few nets and go trawling the water around the island. You dredge up a positive embarrassment of riches. Scuttling glim. Creeping jade. Crawling stone scarabs. Oysters that open their mouths as if to speak, and drop rolling pearls...}} *{{Success Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Orthos is Coming!|occurrence=9 - He is Here!}} *{{Gain|Moon-Pearl|200 x}} *{{Gain|Jade Fragment|100 x}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|200 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Resistance |Failure description = You search the shore for glim, and sure enough, you find plenty. But it's so d--n fast. Every piece you grab for scuttles out of the way and jumps into the water or burrows into the sand. All you get are little cuts all over your fingers. Ouch.}} *{{Failure Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Orthos is Coming!|occurrence=9 - He is Here!}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Telescope.png |ID = 4693 |From Card title = A single-minded gentleman |Description = What harm can it do? |Success title = A cosy night-light |Success description = You pick out a particular star that he recommends, and take it back to your room, where it glows cheerfully on the dresser like a lovely little city. What a marvellous place, you think happily. Did you ever consider leaving? }} *{{Gain|Nightmares|+2 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|1 x}} {{Action |Icon = Shard.png |From Card/Storylet title = Clear glim from the beetle shed roof |ID = 6521 |Description = The glim represents a nice little earner for the labyrinth. Of course, the beetles can reduce a man to bones in the time it takes to say 'Oh God! Oh God! Get them off me!' |BroadDiff = 98 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = Brushing your way to victory |Success description = […]The trick, you learn, is to remain ahead of the swarm while you frantically brush the glim fragments off the roof with a long broom. It's tiring work, but you have a considerable pile of glim by the time the senior keeper arrives[…]}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|98 x}} *{{Gain|Time Passing in the Labyrinth|+2 CP}} {{Failure |Failure title = Oh God! |Failure description = A corner of the roof collapses under your weight. The beetles swarm towards you, chittering hungrily. Get them off! Get them off! }} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Time Passing in the Labyrinth|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Birdie.png |From Card/Storylet title = Introduce Lyme to a Child |ID = 7732 |Description = There's a matinée today, so finding a child to talk to is easy. Encourage Lyme to entertain her, perhaps by showing her a toy. |NarrowQuality = {{IL|Pygmalion}} |NarrowDiff = 8 |NarrowMin = 5 |Success title = "I like Mr Lyme. He's friendly." |Success description = Under your supervision, Lyme does very well. He neither scares the child nor breaks the toy. In fact, the little girl seems to find him quite charming.}} *{{Gain|Pygmalion|+2 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|102 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = "Mummy, help me. He smells strange." |Failure description = You instruct Lyme to smile at the child as best he can, but the mangled grimace he produces sends her screaming back to her - by now irate - mother.}} *{{Loss|Pygmalion|-1 CP}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Sapphire.png |ID = 7890 |From Card/Storylet title = The EXOTIC and DELIGHTFUL Kashmiri Princess |Description = All those silks and jewels, just lying around! |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |BroadDiff = 110 |Success title = A nice haul |Success description = You take your turn in wardrobe […] saris in deep jewel colours, earrings, bangles, slippers covered in little mirrors - and pocket a few bits […] glimpse of the Kashmiri Princess herself, too. She winks at you before turning away.}} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Venom-Ruby|1 x}} *{{Gain|Sapphire|1 x}} *{{Gain|Flawed Diamond|2 x}} *{{Gain|Nodule of Deep Amber|15 x}} *{{Gain|Jade Fragment|15 x}} *{{Gain|Moon-Pearl|15 x}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|15 x}} *{{Gone|Day of the Week}} *{{Drop|Tales of Mahogany Hall|-20 CP}} {{Failure |Failure title = Ouch |Failure description = You thought working in wardrobe would be easy […] Approximately one thousand pinpricks later, you've been banished for getting blood on the saris. And you can't stop singing. "Under all the chapel eaves, all the roofs and steeples..."}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+ ~1-2 CP}} *{{Gain|Plagued by a Popular Song|+2 CP}} *{{Drop|Tales of Mahogany Hall|-30 CP}} *{{Gone|Day of the Week}} {{Action |Icon = Trebleclef.png |ID = 7440 |From Card/Storylet title = Feats of Daring and Grace! |Description = There's a lot of dangerous things happening on stage tonight. Better by far to work backstage. And look for opportunities for profit. |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |BroadDiff = 106 |Success title = Good show |Success description = You take on some general duties - holding a rope here, making sure mats are in place there. There's plenty of time for a little fishing trip into the stalls. When you get there, the audience is captivated - the tumblers are just blurs of movement...}} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Drop|Tales of Mahogany Hall|-10 CP}} *{{Gain|Silk Scrap|30 x}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|40 x}} *{{Gain|Moon-Pearl|36 x}} *{{Gone|Day of the Week}} {{Failure |Failure title = Oops |Failure description = Your duties backstage are not onerous. A rope secured here, a beam chalked there. Plenty of time to sneak into the stalls to lift some purses. Except—oh dear. You were supposed to place a mat there. Your absence has most definitely been noticed [...]}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+1 CP}} *{{Drop|Tales of Mahogany Hall|-20 CP}} *{{Gone|Day of the Week}} {{Action |Icon = blackjack.png |From Storylet title = Crash! |ID = 8400 |Description = If none of the crew survive, the ship's cargo is anyone's for the taking. But you'll have to deal with any that swim to shore. |Success title = Rocks of one sort or another |Success description = The steamer lies in ruins, her belly carved out […] The few zailors that survived the wreck swim desperately to the rocky shore. Handy, these rocks. You pick one up and smash their brains out. Such a pity there were no survivors. […]}} *{{Gain|Ruthless|Quirk cap=10|+3 CP}} *{{Gain|Heartless|Quirk cap=10|+3 CP}} *{{Drop|Magnanimous|-6 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|600 x}} *{{Progress Reset|Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago}} {{Action |Icon = Chair.png |From Card/Storylet title = Educating Lyme 1 |ID = 7731 |Description = The crucial question. Can you help Lyme learn to think on his own? |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Pygmalion|5}} |BroadDiff = 111 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = Glimmers of rationality |Success description =[…] Eventually, he starts coming up with questions of his own. "Would I prefer to work for Jasper and Frank," he asks, "or for Mr Fires, or for the neddy men, or for myself? Or for others of Clay? Or for society as a whole?" He's an apt pupil. […] |Success summary = You start out with the classical dilemmas of moral philosophy. Soon enough, your pupil moves from theory to application. Are you sure this was a good idea?}} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Pygmalion|+3 CP|cap = 18}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|111 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = "Why is this better?" |Failure description = Lyme understands that someone has to make decisions, but he's used to it being someone else. You lecture him on practicality and consequences, but it's too dry, and you're struggling. After the fiftieth 'why' of the lesson, you call it a day.}} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Nightmares|+2 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Caperers.png |ID = 6420 |From Card/Storylet title = A raid on the Observatory |Description = People going in and out, doors open, valuables left lying about. Too tempting to resist. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Shadowy|6}} |BroadDiff = 10 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |Success title = Just a face in the crowd |Success description = You[…] blend into the courtyard's activity[…] A mahogany casket has slipped[…] sending dozens of eyeballs bouncing across the floor. 'Don't step on the apples!' someone screams[…] Taking advantage of the alarm you slip into the Observatory[…]}} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Nevercold Brass Sliver|12 x}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|12 x}} *{{Gain|Nodule of Deep Amber|12 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Shibboleths and shenanigans |Failure description = Whoever this lot are, they take their privacy seriously[…] You can't get near the Observatory[…] You hear one of them[…] ask the others where they are going. "Wolfstack," comes the answer. "To the Tree of Ages." Interesting, but unprofitable.}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} {{Action |Icon = Coin.png |ID = 6859 |From Card/Storylet title = Secure your funding |Description = If you pay more attention to the richer ones, it stands to reason that you'll get more money. Does it not? |BroadDiff = 106 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Watchful}} |Success title = Divide and conquer |Success description = You start to hint to your benefactors that the more they donate, the better and more prestigious their reward […]. It works. Several of them are wealthy enough to buy the whole University[…]. You are able to skim off a very healthy profit indeed […].}} *{{Success Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Term Passing...|+2 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|106 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = An unfortunate outcome |Failure description = You start to hint to your benefactors that the more they donate, the better and more prestigious their reward will be. […] but these people are proud. […] each of them coldly retracts their offer and bids you good day. […]}} *{{Failure Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Term Passing...|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Scandal|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Fist.png |ID = 7819 |From Card/Storylet title = A Philosophical Commission |Description = Scientific arguments must be met and defeated in kind. You won't be party to this base fraud! Write a balanced article. |BroadDiff = 110 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = A difficult read |Success description = You produce a […] summary of the arguments and counter-arguments on the subject of evolution.[…] The editor […] lets it run for a […] reduced fee, beneath a substantial etching of an adorable monkey in a dress. The Theosophisticals aren't impressed. |Success summary = Even a few good monkey jokes cannot save this dry stuff.}} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Connected: Benthic|+15 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|50 x}} *{{Drop|Seeking...|-1 CP}} {{Failure |Failure title = A wretched read |Failure description = No matter how you begin, it's impossible to be entertaining. 'Millions of years ago...' 'The bones of animals long-deceased...' […] When you realise you've written WHO LOOKS LIKE A MONKEY in big letters at the top of a new page, you give it up […]}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+2 CP}} *{{Drop|Seeking...|-1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Box.png |From Card/Storylet title = Just what is in the box? |ID = 4980 |Description = Shake it. Listen to it. Heat it. Fiddle with the Locks. You'll find something out. |Success title = Glim? Is that it? |Success description = After considerable investigations, you find a small [...] slot on the side of the box. As you go at it with a chisel it suddenly clicks open and a few chunks of [...] glim fall out [...] All this trouble over glim? If so, there had better be a lot...}} *{{Gain|A Survivor of the Affair of the Box|occurrence=3}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|50 x}} {{Action |Icon = Pirate.png |Action cost = 3 |From Card/Storylet title = An evening's zailing |ID = 5791 |Description = They'll be glad of a skilled blade in case things turn bloody. |BroadDiff = 96 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = A brigand of the seas |Success description = [...] Of course there is no ship: the pirates are already aboard. You burst out from your hide in the hold and leap into action. The crew is soon overcome and your merry band claims the glim haul as your own. Yarr! }} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|150 x}} *{{Gain|Ruthless|cap=5|+1 CP}} *{{Drop|Magnanimous|-1 CP}} *{{Gain|Favours: Criminals|1 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Yarr... thud. |Failure description = [...] You grab a rope, shout your best piratical curse and prepare to swing over. A substantial chunk of glim whistles down from the Neath roof and knocks you senseless! [...]}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+3 CP}} *{{Gain|Ruthless|+1 CP|cap=5}} *{{Drop|Magnanimous|-1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Swamphand.png |ID = 5235 |From Card/Storylet title = Work with a Smuggling Ring |Description = Much more profitable. Much more dangerous. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Dangerous|91}}, {{Unlock|Favours: Criminals|7 x}} |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |BroadDiff = 100 |Success title = Good work, zailor |Success description = […] The crew of the ''Red Lady'' have daubed the brandy barrels with a substance that produces a gentle green glow. […] you find out it's made from […] Your share of the profit makes up for the burns […]|Success summary = You were burned by the marked brandy barrels but the compensation makes up for it.}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|1000 x}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+3 CP}} *{{Item Loss|Favours: Criminals|7 x}} *{{Gain|Bottle of Morelways 1872|100 x}} *{{Gain|Bottle of Broken Giant 1844|2 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Betrayal! |Failure description = Your little band set out in plenty of time, but there's no casks to be seen. Those blackguards on the Red Lady have doublecrossed you! Or, possibly, they've been eaten by sea-snakes. You trudge your damp, sodden way back to bed. And try not to dream.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Nightmares}} {{Action |Icon = reveller.png |From Card/Storylet title = Educating Lyme 1 |ID = 7730 |Description = A foreign concept to Clay Men. Can you get Lyme to actually enjoy an activity? Take him to the shroom-hopping. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Pygmalion|3}} |BroadDiff = 108 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = Modest beginnings |Success description = It's a struggle against every ethos embedded in his Clay, but once you've explained to Lyme that the people shouting aren't in pain and the people racing aren't running away from something, he relaxes. There's even a spark of something […]}} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Pygmalion|+3 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|108 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = "But why? But why?" |Failure description = Leisure activities are, by definition, not work. But they are activities, just as work is. Lyme wants to know what the difference is. Your explanations aren't convincing him […] Being seen with him is embarrassing, too.}} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Scandal|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Clayman3.png |ID = 7415 |From Storylet title = Talking to Jasper and Frank |Description = No point in hiding from them. You have to deal with that bl___y box at some point. |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |BroadDiff = 105 |Success title = "We're glad you see it that way." |Success description = Jasper and Frank are pleased that you're looking after the box. "[…] you'll be wanting to get the key next. Before Fires or Veils […] starts nosing around. […] You know the Kashmiri Princess, sings at Mahogany Hall on Sundays? […] Ask her. […]" }} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}}. *{{Gain|a Survivor of the Affair of the Box|occurrence=7}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|105 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = "Tsk, tsk, tsk." |Failure description = Jasper and Frank trundle into your lodgings […] They make a great show of dragging their fingers over the box, looking for dust. They elaborately check the floorboards are holding up under its weight. They depart, leaving you none the wiser […] }} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Fist.png |ID = 6294 |From Card/Storylet title = The kaleidoscopic church |Description = A couple of bruises and some meaningful looming ought to do it. |Game Instructions = Some loss of [[Favours: Bohemians]], but you will receive other rewards. |BroadDiff = 30 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = A simple solution to a simple problem |Success description = There. A few visits is all it takes for the Bohemians to decide that somewhere else would be more suited to the artistic temperament. In their absence, life at the little church returns to old, familiar patterns.}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Item Loss|Favours: Bohemians|2 x}} *{{Gain|Austere|cap=5|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|300 x}} *{{Gain|Scrap of Incendiary Gossip|10 x}} *{{Drop|Nightmares|-1 CP}} *{{Gain|Someone Is Coming|+1 CP}} {{Failure |Failure title = How frustrating |Failure description = […] while the Bohemians were rubbing off on the vicar, he was busy rubbing off on ''them''.[…] they greet the blows with hymns and ecstasy […] to be martyred for their art. Nothing good can come from tangling with people set on becoming saints.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Scandal|+2 CP}} [[Category:Austere Gain Pure|1]] {{Action |Icon = Eye.png |ID = 170031 |From Storylet title = The Painted Ring: Take Part in an Illegal Fighting Ring |Description = The cavern breezes of the Neath are stronger up here. The stone is slick with dripwater. You can't afford mistakes. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Presbyterate Passphrase|3 x}} |Locked with = {{Lock|A Name Scrawled in Blood|4}} |BroadQuality = {{IL|Watchful}} |BroadDiff = 45 |Success title = Down he goes. |Success description = Cautiously, you and your opponent circle […] atop the dome. […] Your blow upsets his balance, his foot slips, and he plunges down the slope of the dome […] Suddenly, a figure joins you […]: Feducci. "[…] I have something that may interest you. Expect a letter. […]"}} *{{Success Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|51 x}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+15 CP|cap = 80}} (modified) *{{Item Loss|Presbyterate Passphrase|3 x}} *{{Gain|Extraordinary Implication|3 x}} {{Redirect|The Mark of a True Duellist}} {{Failure |Failure title = Down you go... |Failure description = Your opponent didn’t even land a blow. A slick patch of curved stone was what did for you, plunging you from the ring and down the dome […] You look up: […] [Feducci] inclines his head imperceptibly, as if expecting to see you again.}} *{{Failure Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} *{{Item Loss|Presbyterate Passphrase|3 x}} *{{Gain|Extraordinary Implication|3 x}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+15 CP|cap = 80}} (modified) {{Action |Icon = Fist.png |ID = 170030 |From Storylet title = The Painted Ring: Take Part in an Illegal Fighting Ring |Description = Feducci himself is watching this bout, perched upon the cross atop the dome. Let's see if it's possible to impress the old crow. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Presbyterate Passphrase|3 x}} |Locked with = {{Lock|A Name Scrawled in Blood|4}} |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |BroadDiff = 48 |Success title = Was there ever any doubt? |Success description = The spectators […] cheer as your scrabbling opponent […] rockets off the edge [of the dome] […] There is measured applause […] and Feducci says […] "An impeccable performance. […] Expect a letter. Look for the sign of the Black Ribbon." }} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+30 CP|cap = 80}} (modified) *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|48 x}} *{{Item Loss|Presbyterate Passphrase|3 x}} *{{Gain|Extraordinary Implication|3 x}} {{Redirect|The Mark of a True Duellist}} {{Failure |Failure title = It was the rain that beat you, not skill. |Failure description = Your opponent didn't even land a blow. A slick patch of curved stone was what did for you, plunging you from the ring and down the dome. […] you catch a glimpse of Feducci's […] eye. He inclines his head […] as if expecting to see you again.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} *{{Item Loss|Presbyterate Passphrase|3 x}} *{{Gain|Extraordinary Implication|3 x}} *{{Gain|Dangerous|+30 CP|cap = 80}} (modified) {{Action |Icon = Shard.png |From Card/Storylet title = Gather the Riches of Bullbone Island |ID = 8986 |Description = You set up your blackboard and easel. You instruct your crew in safe glim-collecting. Let's see if you can bag yourself a mandrake. A baby one. |Success title = All gathered in |Success description = Your crew return to the ship, laden with as much glim[...] they are still zailors. They'll have pinched most of it[...] Meanwhile, you've been busy with bait and basket. The little mandrake struggles in its sack[...] It'll be ready for market[...] |Success summary = Your zailors take a large amount of glim while you busy yourself with catching and preparing a mandrake. }} *{{Gain|Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery|occurrence=4 - An Established Scholar}} *{{Gain|Deshrieked Mandrake|1 x}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|860 x}} *{{Gain|Orthos is Coming!|occurrence=10 - He is Here!!}} {{Action |Icon = Furtivehand.png |ID = 5931 |From Card/Storylet title = Overly alluring? |Description = Keep a close eye on her. And on your valuables. |BroadDiff = 50 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Watchful}} |Success title = Caught in the act |Success description = […]A few days' keen observation has left you in no doubt that the delightful young lady has got light fingers. […]The girl has a conscience. But ask yourself, is petty thievery really enough of an explanation, or have you been sidetracked?}} *{{Success Increase|Watchful}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|50 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Inconclusive investigations |Failure description = Well, you [...] fail to see anything that could count as solid evidence [...]. She behaves suspiciously, of course; but that's part of the reason she became your accomplice to start with. [...] Either way, this line of inquiry is not helping you.}} *{{Failure Increase|Watchful}} {{Shop |Icon = Bottle.png |Description = Wholesale Agents to the Bazaar. Celebrating Twenty Years Without An Apostrophe. |Sells = Goods}} {{Shop Inventory |Extra Column 1 = Item Type |Item Name 10 = Bottle of Greyfields 1879 |Buy 10 = 0.02 |Sell 10 = 0.01 |Item Type 10 = [[Wines]] |Item Name 20 = Jade Fragment |Buy 20 = 0.02 |Sell 20 = 0.01 |Item Type 20 = [[Elder]] |Item Name 30 = Lump of Lamplighter Beeswax |Buy 30 = 0.02 |Sell 30 = 0.01 |Item Type 30 = [[Luminosity]] |Item Name 40 = Rat on a String |Buy 40 = 0.02 |Sell 40 = 0.01 |Item Type 40 = [[Ratness]] |Item Name 50 = Silk Scrap |Buy 50 = 0.02 |Sell 50 = 0.01 |Item Type 50 = [[Rag Trade]] |Item Name 60 = Nodule of Deep Amber |Buy 60 = 0.03 |Sell 60 = 0.01 |Item Type 60 = [[Rubbery]] |Item Name 70 = Foxfire Candle Stub |Buy 70 = 0.03 |Sell 70 = 0.01 |Item Type 70 = [[Academic]] |Item Name 80 = Shard of Glim |Buy 80 = 0.03 |Sell 80 = 0.01 |Item Type 80 = [[Cartography]] |Item Name 90 = Moon-Pearl |Buy 90 = 0.03 |Sell 90 = 0.01 |Item Type 90 = [[Goods]] |Item Name 100 = Nevercold Brass Sliver |Buy 100 = 0.03 |Sell 100 = 0.01 |Item Type 100 = [[Goods]] |Item Name 110 = Piece of Rostygold |Buy 110 = 0.03 |Sell 110 = 0.01 |Item Type 110 = [[Nostalgia]] |Item Name 120 = Drop of Prisoner's Honey |Buy 120 = 0.04 |Sell 120 = 0.02 |Item Type 120 = [[Nostalgia]] |Item Name 130 = Bottle of Greyfields 1882 |Buy 130 = 0.04 |Sell 130 = 0.02 |Item Type 130 = [[Wines]] |Item Name 140 = Primordial Shriek |Buy 140 = 0.04 |Sell 140 = 0.02 |Item Type 140 = [[Wild Words]] |Item Name 150 = Soul |Buy 150 = 0.04 |Sell 150 = 0.02 |Item Type 150 = [[Infernal]] |Item Name 160 = Fistful of Surface Currency |Buy 160 = 0.06 |Sell 160 = 0.03 |Item Type 160 = [[Currency]] |Item Name 170 = Relic of the Fourth City |Buy 170 = 0.10 |Sell 170 = 0.05 |Item Type 170 = [[Goods]] |Item Name 180 = Flask of Abominable Salts |Buy 180 = 0.20 |Sell 180 = 0.10 |Item Type 180 = [[Academic]] |Item Name 190 = Relic of the Third City |Buy 190 = 0.20 |Sell 190 = 0.10 |Item Type 190 = [[Elder]] |Item Name 200 = Phosphorescent Scarab |Buy 200 = 0.25 |Sell 200 = 0.10 |Item Type 200 = [[Luminosity]] |Item Name 210 = Relic of the Second City |Buy 210 = 0.30 |Sell 210 = 0.15 |Item Type 210 = [[Goods]] |Item Name 220 = London Street Sign |Buy 220 = 5.00 |Sell 220 = 2.50 |Item Type 220 = [[Contraband]] |Item Name 230 = Bright Brass Skull |Buy 230 = 62.50 |Sell 230 = 60.00 |Item Type 230 = [[Infernal]] |Item Name 240 = Nodule of Pulsating Amber |Buy 240 = 100.00 |Sell 240 = 62.50 |Item Type 240 = [[Rubbery]] }} {{Action |Icon = Oldman.png |From Card/Storylet title = The Hacking Reporter |ID = 7739 |Description = The Hacking Reporter has heard about your investigative skills. He'd like you to follow a respectable society lady and look into her affairs. |BroadDiff = 19 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |Success title = Is this news? |Success description = The lady takes tea with a friend. Could those glances between the two ladies be considered […] indicative of more than friendship?[…] "Well, the <i>[…] Gazette</i> doesn't really care for this sort of thing, […] You've done what I asked, though.[…]"}} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|24 x}} *{{Gain|Raking the Muck of the Neath|occurrence=4}} {{Failure |Failure title = A day in the life |Failure description = The woman visits the Labyrinth of Tigers, takes a stroll down Ladybones Road, and calls on a handful of society ladies. Nothing news-worthy here.}} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} {{Action |Icon = Nevercold_brass.png |ID = 7339 |From Card/Storylet title = Any old iron |Description = It's worth it to see what he has in stock. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Nevercold Brass Sliver|50 x}} |Success title = Interrupted trade |Success description = […] he pulls out a bag and spreads it open. It contains broken parts of […] a clockwork toy. […] a scurrying shape […] grabs one of the larger pieces […]. A rat! It disappears into a gutter. […] 'Not again.' He hands you some glim instead.}} *{{Item Loss|Nevercold Brass Sliver|50 x}} *{{Gain|Playing with Broken Toys|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|50 x}} {{Action |Icon = Red_gold.png |ID = 7338 |From Card/Storylet title = Any old iron |Description = It may not be true gold, but it is metal. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Piece of Rostygold|50 x}} |Success title = Interrupted trade |Success description = He bites down on a piece, and grudgingly accepts it. […] he pulls out a bag […] contains broken parts […] a clockwork toy […] a scurrying shape […] grabs one of the larger pieces […] The Entrepreneur […] hands you some glim instead.}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|50 x}} *{{Item Loss|Piece of Rostygold|50 x}} *{{Gain|Playing with Broken Toys|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Declaim.png |From Card/Storylet title = Entertain and educate |ID = 6978 |Description = All you need is a sign round your neck and a creative line in zoological 'expertise'. Careful, though. The animals' savagery seems to be catching. |BroadDiff = 104 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = Convincingly done |Success description = […]These, you explain, are immortal beetles that escaped from the Second City. Abraham the lizard can only eat insects that live on rose-petals. The lemur colony elects a new leader every month and hangs the last one.[…]}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|99 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Oh dear |Failure description = […]You go too far when you tell them that in hyaena clans, the leader is always a matriarch. The crowd are having none of it, and start pelting you with rocks. You run for it, before they get any more creative ideas.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Wounds|+1 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Furtivehand.png |From Card/Storylet title = A resurrected tradition |ID = 128485 |Description = What matter the work if there's money to be made? |BroadDiff = 21 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = An evening's rough work |Success description = […] You […] point out where the locals […] make themselves vulnerable. The press gang does the rest. The leader tosses you a pouch of glim when they depart for the docks […].|Success summary = In exchange for helping the press gang out, you are rewarded (and scorned by the locals).}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Ruthless|Quirk cap=5|+1 CP}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|36-45 x}} *{{Drop|Magnanimous|-1 CP}} *{{Airs|The Airs of London}} {{Failure |Failure title = Hmph |Failure description = They look you up and down. A pockmarked old villain pushes you away, laughing. Damn them.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Airs|The Airs of London}} {{Action |Icon = eyebrow.png |ID = 11096 |From Card/Storylet title = Finally Opening the Box |Description = It wasn't easy to engage the services of a Drownie. And it meant lugging the box down to the river. But at last, you can open it. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|A Boxful of Intrigue|13}}, {{Unlock|Mourning Candle|10 x}} |Success title = In the box |Success description = The Drownie wants some privacy to sing her song[…]. […] There's a series of seven clicks […] You open the box, and something climbs out. […] Too many legs […], quite dead. […] this thing is made of glim. […] A little bundle of […] love letters.[…] }} *{{Item Loss|Mourning Candle|10 x}} *{{Gone|A Boxful of Intrigue}} *{{Gain|A Survivor of the Affair of the Box|occurrence=18 - Aftermath and Intrigue}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|3000 x}} *{{Gain|Romantic Notion|120 x}} *{{Item Loss|A Heavy Iron Box|now=0 x}} {{Action |Icon = Bloodstain.png |ID = 5934 |From Card/Storylet title = Overly alluring? |Description = Could the lady be hiding some sort of trouble? If you have good enough criminal connections, it might be worth making some enquiries. |Unlocked with = {{Unlock|Jade Fragment|30 x}}, {{Unlock|Favours: Criminals|1 x}} |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |BroadDiff = 70 |Success title = A dastardly plot |Success description = […]You cash in some favours owed, and hear disturbing whispers. Blackmail is in the wind. […]One or two well-placed threats, and suddenly your accomplice is smiling and sunny again. So are you. The blackmailers[…] return all[…] gains[…] to you. }} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Item Loss|Favours: Criminals|1 x}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|180 x}} *{{Gain|Nodule of Deep Amber|180 x}} *{{Item Loss|Jade Fragment|30 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = A wall of silence |Failure description = Her air of mystery is central to your accomplice's allure, but there seem to be too many secrets hidden[…]. You call in some favours amongst the criminal fraternity[…]; but sadly, even bribery only produces the most insubstantial of rumours. }} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Item Loss|Favours: Criminals|1 x}} *{{Item Loss|Jade Fragment|30 x}} {{Action |ID = 7614 |Icon = woo.png |From Card/Storylet title = A Theosophistical Séance |Description = Your role is to sell the initiates philosophical interpretations of whatever they see tonight. |BroadDiff = 110 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Persuasive}} |Success title = The other side |Success description = A[…]séance involves conjuring 'spirits'[…]but a gloss of esoteric mysticism is required. That's your job, and you do it brilliantly[…]and convince the audience that summoning fake ghosts has brought them closer to understanding the Correspondence[…]}} *{{Success Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|55 x}} *{{Gain|Silk Scrap|55 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Falling flat |Failure description = A Theosophistical séance involves conjuring 'spirits' from bedsheets and mirrors, but a gloss of esoteric mysticism is required. That's your job. Unfortunately, your […] ancient Orphic rituals […] are fooling nobody, and you leave in disgrace.}} *{{Failure Increase|Persuasive}} *{{Gain|Scandal|+2 CP}} {{Action |Icon = Door2.png |ID = 7452 |From Storylet title = Talking to Jasper and Frank |Description = The longer you avoid the issue, the more likely it is to go away. Isn't that right? |BroadQuality = {{IL|Shadowy}} |BroadDiff = 105 |Success title = Lights out |Success description = You […] crouch under a table to wait. […] Eventually […] it's safe to come out. A note, pushed under the door. […] 'FIND KEY. TALK TO KASHMIRI PRINCESS,' it advises. 'SINGS MAHOGANY HALL SUNDAYS. KEEP AWAY FROM WINES, CUPS […]' There's also a quantity of glim. […] }} *{{Success Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|A Survivor of the Affair of the Box|occurrence=7}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|105 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Did they know? |Failure description = You extinguish all the lamps and crouch under a table to wait. […] Eventually, though, you hear the thud of retreating footsteps and it's safe to come out. A note, pushed under the door. […] 'BACK SOON,' it says. 'NOT TO WORRY.' }} *{{Failure Increase|Shadowy}} *{{Gain|Suspicion|+1 CP}} #REDIRECT [[Fallen London Wiki:Quicklist]] {{Action |Icon = Waves.png |ID = 4556 |From Card/Storylet title = Guard a glim claim |Description = The claim doesn't look like much - a few yards of muddy shoreline. There are hungry eyes out in the shadows, though, and only you between them and glim. |BroadDiff = 21 |BroadQuality = {{IL|Dangerous}} |Success title = The gang presses in |Success description = You were expecting some trouble [...] You narrow your eyes and let your lethal reputation speak for you. The gang falters [and] leaves you alone on the desolate shoreline. A few days later your employer is in a fit state to hand over [...] payment.}} *{{Success Increase|Dangerous}} *{{Gain|Shard of Glim|21 x}} {{Failure |Failure title = Brawling in the shallows |Failure description = It's nearly dawn when [they] come for you [...] Although you succeed in driving them away, the glim claim has been wrecked by the fight. This will do your reputation for violence no harm, but you don't even bother to wait for your employer to return.}} *{{Failure Increase|Dangerous}}|actions='My watch? That's not my watch!'

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 A quick commission: Ode to the Empress
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 Betray the dockers
 Betray the neddies
 Blackmail 1
 Burgle a Glim assayer's office
 Cheat the Widow
 Come prepared
 Conduct the orchestra
 Cosh a few and be on your way
 Defend yourself!
 Dice for glim
 Dig near the tussocks
 Dispose of ten Trophies
 Dive in and swim for victory!
 Encourage him to write a factual essay
 Enjoy the show
 Extort money from him
 Feed the fishies
 Fight clean
 Fight dirty
 Fight for the dockers
 Fight for the neddies
 Finding a rich spot
 Fly-post your bills over the Antimacassar's
 Get the jewel-thief to stand guard while you sneak in.
 Go searching
 Go with him
 Harvest the roof
 Help him communicate with the young person
 Help the costume department
 Help the stagehands
 Help yourself to 'salvage'
 Independent thought
 Infiltrate the Observatory as the procession is getting ready
 Institute a hierarchy of donors
 Intellectual indignation
 Investigating the mysterious box
 Join the pirates
 Join the salvage party
 Let them in
 Make it clear the Bohemians aren't welcome any more
 Make your name! Step into the ring and fight patiently
 Make your name! Step into the ring and fight without mercy
 Making money
 Maybe she is stealing from you
 Merrigans Exchange
 More journalistic work
 Offer him Nevercold brass
 Offer him Rostygold
 Offer informative guided tours
 Offer your services to the press gang
 Open up
 Perhaps she is in danger
 Play a vital part
 Pretend to be out
 Quiet evening on the shore}}