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Hello! I'm Nonnie Grayson (Nonneth on Fallen London), my pronouns are they/them or ey/em, and if you're seeing this, it's probably because of a comment I left on one of the Items pages. Disclaimer: this is my first time participating in a wiki in any capacity, even as a commenter, so I'm a little unfamiliar with the etiquette. Please forgive any stumbles. I do know better than to include spoilers, so if one of my comments contains any, sincerest apologies (though I assume it'll be addressed on comment, not here).

The comments are primarily intended to summarize the uses of the items and how many are necessary for a given card/storylet, though I won't be noting if the item is required in insignificant amounts (ex: 10 roastygold, 50 moonpearls). Tbqh, I'm mostly making them for my own convenience, but thought they might be useful to others. I'm a mid-game player, so my criteria for Keep vs Convert vs Sell is centered on those areas and only considers late-game areas if the item is needed in bonkers amounts or if it's an item that requires specific efforts to obtain. I don't plan on keeping this page meticulously updated, but here are my stats and general progress at time of writing:

Watchful: 146 + 36

Shadowy: 126 + 32

Dangerous: 129 + 44

Persuasive: 142 + 28

I've very recently been kicked out of court, opened my laboratory, started breeding monsters, and been to zee. Currently I'm working on accessing Parabola, exploring the Labyrinth of Tigers further, zailing around, and, to a lesser degree, becoming governor. I have yet to pick an Ambition. I'm employed as a Trickster, and I spent a while not sure how to progress on Fallen London but still picking up my Earnest of Payment on occasion anyway, which means I've accumulated a LOT of certain items. This might skew some of my Keep/ Convert/ Sell assessments.

I'm open to discussing the structure and content of my comments to potentially make them more legible to other players but, since they aren't Official Wiki Content and I'm doing them on a whim for my own use, I will not be holding myself to any kind of standard or accepting criticism. (That's a joke but also like. C'mon dude).

Currently my only friend on Fallen London is my younger sibling, so I'd be happy to make more!