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Art of a house-sized cone shell that's been fitted with windows and a door. The shell is backlit & mostly black, except for the windows, which glow warmly.

I read, much of the night, and go south in winter.

Letters and/or invitations to social gatherings, secret stage plays, probably cursed philosophy lectures, and/or dinner accepted! Gifts also gladly accepted, even the giant bag of rats. Gotta feed my plant something.

  • FireEater
    • (Main account) Marianne Hall wanted to leave the Neath for the sun as soon as she arrived, but she was kept in the dark by a furious need for revenge (and more than revenge: justice). Finally, that was granted to her. Now she looks at the responsibilities she's built up, and decides what best to do with them all.
  • LearnedAstronomer
    • Eva Schultz: an academic woman fascinated by the scientific interests the Neath offers. All claims of her stealing research when she was on the Surface are entirely fabricated.
  • The Jokester Thief
    • Cheerfully menacing but not entirely without conscience, her name is her own business and her background is mostly drunk sailing. She'll buy you a drink with the coins she picked out of your pocket. She's down here on the promise of jewels, and by god she'll be delighted when she finds them.

Inactive, of one sort or another: