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Art of a house-sized cone shell that's been fitted with windows and a door. The shell is backlit & mostly black, except for the windows, which glow warmly.

I read, much of the night, and go south in winter.

Letters and/or invitations to social gatherings, secret stage plays, probably cursed philosophy lectures, and/or dinner accepted! Gifts also gladly accepted, even the giant bag of rats. Gotta feed my plant something.

  • FireEater
    • (Main account) Marianne Hall wanted to leave the Neath for the sun as soon as she arrived, but she's kept here in the dark by a furious need for revenge. Justice. She's very close now. Troublingly, she's not sure anymore if she wants to go back home after her work is done.
  • LearnedAstronomer
    • Eva Schultz: an academic woman fascinated by the scientific interests the Neath offers. All claims of her stealing research when she was on the Surface are entirely fabricated.
  • CuriouslyEmpty
    • Her name was Victoria Sunderford. She was educated woman who came to the Neath seeking fortune (right before she got arrested). She has, now, taken a turn to... perhaps, an ill-advised academic endeavor. She's lost much but is determined, against all reason.