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From: Who is the third that walks always beside you?

Just with your mind's eye. Only a fool would actually go North.

Game Instructions: This will allow you to review your dreams in a different light.
Wiki Note: This action will set Stormy-Eyed to 7 whether you have this quality or not and regardless of its current level.

Success - The eye of the storm

[…] Thunder rolls. 'You wish to see through my eyes?' it says. 'So be it.'

[…] The storm clouds are gone, but your vision is... altered. The trees have a cast to them, as if their light is being refracted through a new prism in your eye. […]

[Find the rest of the story at]

Success Instructions: You are now Stormy-Eyed. You have the opportunity to redream your dreams of What the Thunder Said with new perspectives.