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For the purpose of item action costs, I try to maintain a "Standard late-game character", which has the following qualities:

  • No profession
  • No ambition items
  • No moods
  • No FATE (or Amber Ha'penny) items
  • No past event items (e.g. from elections)
  • No mutually exclusive items (e.g. Clubs (except for BDR, which does not depend on choice of club))
  • All primary stats at their maximum gain
  • All secondary stats (e.g. Glasswork) at their max (e.g. 7)
  • All buyable/grindable equipment (except Overgoat/Cider/Statues/Hellworms)
  • All seasonally available items which were available (without FATE) in the last two occurrences of that seasons.

The basic idea is that if one started from the scratch with a new character, one might archive this level within some two years without spending fate.

I am aware that the following is definitely illegible, likely arbitrary ("so the overgoat is to expensive, but recruiting four tigers is fine?"), and probably also incorrect and definitely outdated by the end of 2021.

(Click edit to see the wikitext, which contains the sums I used to calculate this.

  • Primary stats:
    • Watchful = 294
    • Persuasive = 300
    • Dangerous = 288
    • Shadowy = 291

  • BDR:
    • Bizarre= 12
    • Dreaded= 12
    • Respectable= 14
    • BDR= 20

  • Secondary stats:
    • Shapeling Arts=9
    • Glasswork=12
    • Kataleptic Toxicology=8
    • Monstrous Anatomy=8
    • Mithridacy=7
    • Artisan of the Red Science=9
    • Neathproofed=3

Missing: Qualities given only by a single item or used only for a single check (e.g. Chirurgical Touch)