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It's red, because you earned it.

Prior to making an account, I already had two years of experience with this Wiki and its editing.

That said, I am more enamored with the gameplay of Fallen London than its lore, though the lore is also very amusing to me.

Also, many thanks to the other active editors for making pages on any new in-game content. Time zone differences (and lag) make this quite difficult for me to pursue.

Furthermore, I don't have access to much Fate content. I would update Fate-locked stuff with Sources, Gain and other tags (tags appear to be exempt from Wiki restrictions on Fate-locked stuff, as I recall).

Thanks to the other editors, especially the ones that became active in 2020.

A warning to anyone reading this and who is interested in playing this game: just like any other online-only game, don't expect the devs to be able to solve issues of latency.

Tip to anyone thinking of purchasing Fate: You can choose your currency of transaction. Pick the one that is advantageous to you, in terms of exchange rates.