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"Speethling" on FL. YarLucebith on Wikipedia, if that poses any interest. Various other nomines in various other locibus.

Would like to think themselves enigmatic. Slightly too grandiose for the glove to fit snugly.

Interested in improving "Item sources" and "Cures" pages (i.e. adding a section like that at the top of Nightmares Loss to all such pages, especially ones of core importance).

Paladin in the crusade against typos and poor syntax.

Currently working up Worked up a comprehensive(-ish) spreadsheet of information about all Category:Drop of Prisoner's Honey Sources, in hopes that it might be incorporated into that page. Turns out the Category template doesn't play nice. Hopes to do similar work for other items' sources, if only to add to Item Grinding (Guide)

Also in the process of worked on creating pages for the "Item Storylets" that currently used to only reside, partially described, on the pages for the items themselves. Thinks Thought this current the previous method to be the worst possible way of representing them on the wiki, and doesn't mind defending that point to any opponents of good info viz/layout design. (That last clause was a joke. Sort of.)