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Many items unlock options and their need can easily be seen. Few items reveal cards that one wouldn't get without its posession. Without being conscious about the requirement of an item, one might miss that story. That is what this page is about.

This is just an overview, please find a more verbose explanation on why you would want these items on their page.

Items which add cards to your hand
Trigger Item Worth[1] Revealed Card Frequency
Sulky Bat 0.40 A parliament of bats Standard
Reprehensible Lizard 0.40 Lizardly matters Standard
Dazed Raven Advisor 12.80 A kindness of ravens Standard
Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider 12.80 Spiders and flies Standard
Grubby Urchin 28.80 Your Grubby Urchin is becoming troublesome
(appears only in Lodgings)
Very Infrequent
Winsome Dispossessed Orphan
F.F. Gebrandt's Superior Laudanum
Your Winsome Orphan is out of control Very Infrequent
Grubby Urchin
Malevolent Monkey
The Urchin and the Monkey
(appears only in Lodgings)
Very Infrequent
Malevolent Monkey
100  Drop of Prisoner's Honey
The Honey-Addled Monkey Very Infrequent
Alluring Accomplice 115.20 Overly alluring? Very Infrequent
Ruthless Henchman 115.20 Etiquette for the Ruthless Infrequent
Ruthless Henchman
Alluring Accomplice
The Henchman and the Accomplice Very Infrequent
Midnight Matriarch
Scuttering Squad
Like rats and cats Unusual
Talkative Rattus Faber
Working Rat
Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief
A night-time conference
(appears only in Lodgings)
  1. Although getting additional stories is priceless, this is the amount of echoes you need to spend at the Bazaar in order to aquire the item.

2nd table might follow: items ...

  • ... you dont need to spend echoes on, because you will get them anyway.
  • ... you will get, but shouldn't sell, because you will need them.
  • ... you should get before you go there.
Items you shouldn't buy or sell before this happened
You get it here savings
Talkative Rattus Faber Seeking the Meaning of the Plaster Face Level 20 0.80
Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief
Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief 320