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A Brief Introduction[edit]

As March of 1891 drew to a close, I found myself deprived of my liberty through a clever conspiracy of circumstance and malice. As I have ever done, I made use of the faculties I had at my disposal. A little observation, a few calculations, and a moment of daring, saw me free of that forlorn stalactite. A few short hours later, the generosity of a crusading widow saw me sheltered from the elements. From that moment til this one, I have spent all of my efforts in the accumulation of the necessary resources to repay a certain debt. I will find him. And when I deliver unto him that which is owed, devils will weep.

The Place Where I Hang My Hat[edit]

Favorite Resources[edit]

A Parting Quote From "The Prisoner"[edit]

What do you want?


Whose side are you on?

That would be telling.

We want information...


in formation.

You won't get it.

By hook or by crook, we will.