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Want to see how I can contribute to the wiki, so I'll test stuff here

test ambition-respecting itemlist module Ambitions: use name base on ItemList qualifier

options eg yes Bag a Legend! Heart's Desire! Nemesis Light Fingers! no

{{BestInSlot|Quality=Dangerous|Ambition=Heart's Desire!|Fate=no}} {#invoke:VoxMaro/Sandbox/AmbitionRespectingItemList|best_in_slot|Quality=Dangerous|Ambition=yes}} {{VoxMaro/Sandbox/AmbResBestInSlot|Quality=Persuasive|Ambition=Nemesis|Fate=no}}

 template = VoxMaro/Sandbox/AmbResBestInSlot
 form = BiSCalc
 result = BiSCalcResult
 param = Quality|Quality|Persuasive|fixed
 param = Fate|Include Fate Items|no|select|yes,no
 param = Mood|Include Moods|no|select|yes,no
 param = Seasonal|Include Seasonal Items|no|select|yes,no
 param = Faction|Include Faction Items|no|select|yes,no
 param = Profession|Include Profession Items|no|select|yes,no
 param = Ambition|Include Ambition Items|no|select|yes,Bag a Legend!,Heart's Desire!,Light Fingers!,Nemesis,no
 param = SMEN|Include SMEN Items|no|select|yes,no
 param = Retired|Include Retired Items|no|select|yes,no
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