User:Yestarhumeler/Sandbox/Calculators/Tribute (Orphans)

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This grind might need the following inputs:

  • EPA of type number

This grind is a source of:

Grind definition[edit]

Collect Winsome Dispossessed Orphan 1. For that, do the following:
  • Collect Penny 6480. For that, do the following:
    • EPA grind.
      • Success: (input required: EPA)*100Penny.
    Then, do the following:
Then, do the following:


template = GrindAnalyse
name = 
form = form-maincalc
result = result-maincalc
param = 1||User:Yestarhumeler/Sandbox/Calculators/Tribute (Orphans)|hidden
param = Template||#RPA# per action (#EFFECT#):<p>#OPTIMAL#</p>|hidden
param = Resource|Optimise for:||select|Tribute;Nothing
param = RPA||per action|hidden
param = inputgroup|Inputs||group|Input:EPA:Number
param = Input:EPA:Number|EPA|0|float