Violate the zailors' most sacred superstition

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From: By the River's Side: the Docks

Action Cost: 5

Zee-bats are larger and more malevolent […] but a zailor would rather eat their own fingers than harm one. "Bad luck," they'd mutter. "Terrible bad luck." Well, let's put it to the test, shall we? Where did you put that frying pan?

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Game Instructions: This will sever your ties with the Docks, allowing you to align with another group. Beware: You will lose all Favours: Docks.

Unlocked with 1 x Zee-Ztory, Closest To - is: The Docks, Spending Secrets 4



Arthur is the mascot of the Old Cove's Cove […]. When the zailors pour into the pub as night falls, and see you tucking into a lightly-garnished zee-bat steak between sips of the '82, they stare in horror. One of them weeps, openly.

Description summary:
You cook a zee-bat steak for dinner, horrifying and saddening your ex-zailor friends.

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