Visit the Blind Pianist

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From: A Resumption of Hostilities

This card can only be from her. There is an address on its reverse.

Game Instructions: This will advance the story.

Unlocked with The Blind Pianist and the Sallow Spirifer exactly 1


Flighty reunion

The address is not […] the Singing Mandrake. […] she lurks in a disused belfry of an old Huguenot church, deep in Spite. […]

[…] "Everything's changed," she hisses. "The Dynamite is ready. Meet me here. You've been followed – but they won't dare this place." […]

[Find the rest of the story at]

  • Trebleclefsmall.png Find the Blind Pianist in Spite. (Sets Playing with Soul to 5 - Find the Blind Pianist in Spite)