Vote a dividend to the shareholders

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From: Convene a Board Meeting of the Great Hellbound Railway

The Railway is doing so well. Surely the shareholders deserve a reward?

Game Instructions: This will raise Corporate Debt but gain a payout for yourself. Labour will object unless you have a worker-owned company and the workers can expect part of the payout.

Unlocked with Involved in a Railway Venture 50, Total Board Membership (Aside From Yourself) 4

Locked with Delay until the Next Board Meeting, In Corporate Debt 4


A sum of cash!

You've made a study of the books and arrived at a proposal that will significantly enrich all the stakeholders.

Description summary:
See this page for the payout details.

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With Charter of the Great Hellbound Railway not 4 - Worker Ownership:

Conclusion: Take the vote and declare Victory

Redirects to: Debating Matters of Business with the Board