Witness the appointment of the Jovial Contrarian

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From: An Embassy to London 2

Her Roseate Splendour speaks. "We would be delighted for your counsel. We think your perspective – on both our cities – will be unique."

Unlocked with Et In Arbor Ego 100, In Arbor I Walked With The Jovial Contrarian


A battle of wits

[…] "We know of your Mayorship. It is not a permanent role. […] You will find this position useful. And we shall learn from each other. I expect to be challenged." The Contrarian smiles.

[…] She speaks of why she approves of you as a witness. […]

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Success Instructions: (During Hallowmas 1896) The Jovial Contrarian is Ambassador to Arbor. This concludes the Mystery of the Rosers, but the story of Arbor and its Embassy will continue in the future.
(From the Waswood) The Jovial Contrarian is Ambassador to Arbor – and perhaps he always was. This concludes the Mystery of the Rosers.

  • Mansionbalconysmall.png The Jovial Contrarian is Ambassador to Arbor. (Sets An Ambassador to 4)
  • Rosesmall.png The Queen is to appoint an Ambassador to Arbor. OR You have left Arbor, where the roses fall. (Increases Et In Arbor Ego by 100)

If accessed during Hallowmas 1896:

If accessed from the Waswood: