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From: Work with your Gifted Student

She is a positive joy to work with.

Game Instructions: You and your student together will do significantly better than you would on your own. A successful roll here will also generate one Unlikely Connection.

Unlocked with Experimental Object, Equipment for Scientific Experimentation, Laboratory Services from a Gifted Student 5

Challenge information

Broad, Watchful 220

  • 151 - very chancy (41%)
  • 187 - chancy (51%)
  • 224 - modest (61%)
  • 261 - very modest (71%)
  • 297 - low-risk (81%)
  • 334 - straightforward (91%)
  • 367 - straightforward (100%)

Each point of Research Preparations reduces the base difficulty by 1 point.



[…] so quickly and effectively that you rarely need to correct anything. Most of your contribution consists of telling her what not to do: what precautions she could safely set aside, what extra bit of business is not important at the moment[…]

Description summary:
The student's remarks on success will vary based on the current Experimental Object.

Experimental ObjectFirst Passage
Generic (10, 210, 220, 240, 260, 810 - 830, 910 - 920, 940 - 990)She leaves neat and helpful notes on her reading, and suggestions for ways to expand upon the research.
40, 310The Gifted Student participates as a matter of course, but she gives just the faintest impression that this design verges on manual labour[…]for lower classes. Once, she quotes […] Bazaarine verse, about the factories of Mr Fires and the coining of amber.
110, 120, 130She cooperates in the work, but she does not approve. Her dislike of weapons is evident. She keeps asking what you plan to do with the information once you have it.
140 - 160She cooperates in the work, but she does not approve. She does not like the prospect of an untethered Parabolan Principle at liberty to make war as it chooses.
230She can't stop herself from constantly mentioning the risks involved in any mapping process in the Neath. But she does the research all the same.
250"I could not absolutely prove it," […] "But I think I have seen work like this before. Parcelling up the territory into these divided packets, inciting desire, selling a wad of paper in exchange for gem value. Are you well acquainted with Mr Stones?"
320The Gifted Student is not usually interested in the more mechanical forms of laboratory work. But this, she likes. The design, she says, is stylish.
330The Iron and Misery device disturbs your Gifted Student. She is both afraid and obsessed. She won't touch it without gloves on. She warns you that it might be confiscated. But her eyes never rest long on anything else in the room.
350, 360The Gifted Student is unnerved by this work. It is illegal and contraband in multiple ways; have you considered the trouble if any of the Ministries found out what you're up to?
410 - 470She takes an affectionate interest in any beast living in captivity, no matter how aggressive. You have to wave her off to keep her from being hurt, once or twice. But she takes exact notes, and is avid for the late-night observational shifts.
480The Gifted Student does not know […] What she does know: society is buzzing about them. Every quack expert […] offer services in Egg Development and Hatchery. Even the Notaries have gotten involved, claiming to be able to put a valuable stamp on your egg […]
485The Gifted Student has made a map of London, with areas of high concentration of eggfall […] newer eggs appear in more places, and in higher concentrations […] She does not look pleased […] "Whatever is laying these is getting desperate," […]
490The Gifted Student inspects the Aged Egg. "Fashionable," she says, and it isn't a compliment. "Someone has combined the supply of eggs with London's late demand for everything ancient, and they have produced... this."
495She takes an affectionate interest in any beast living in captivity […] Needing to cut them open for experimental reasons distresses her, and she insists on healing several experimental animals before you've had a chance to try the heart transplant. […]
510 - 610You find her compiling a whole system for categorising bone, cartilage, coral and stone, with reference to hardness and evidence of growth rates.
930[…] little to offer about the chemistry […] considerable amount […] about the market forces […] Spices is not distributing this voluntarily […] not under any particular guard […] no fortune to be earned selling this compound […] Masters haven't taken […] interest."
1010, 1030, 1040Her contributions are all exceptionally elegant: proofs by contradiction, ideas that leverage what is not.
1020[…] Fitting them to a curve, however! She lays all the measurements out on a chart and draws the lines that pass through, marks intervals of confidence, explains how many more coin flips would be required to reach a particular degree of certainty.
1050"Is it a cipher?" she asks. "I don't know very many people from the Foreign Office, but one meets a few socially; I could make inquiries."
1210She takes a deep interest in the titration and the filtration; and also in the metaphysical meaning of the Orange-Apple. "I never grow these things," she remarks. "My dreams are fruit-free. What do you suppose it means?"
1320The Gifted Student studies the artefacts as evidence of a material culture, one with an economy and a trade system; though she also provides some secondary notes about the aesthetics on display.
1340The Gifted Student does her best to hypothesise the implications such a being might have for the work output of the society that made it.
1350[…] She is frustrated by how vaguely you are able to describe the gift-giving itself […]

"It matters," says the Student, "because there are all kinds of gifts: […] It sounds to me as though the Creditor wanted you to have this as evidence […]"


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Rare Success

Delightful! Mostly.

[…] At the end of it all, she asks when you expect her to graduate. It is clear she does not really want to leave the lab, and also clear she will be deeply offended if you tell her it will take much longer.

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She doesn't seem as fully awake and attentive today as usual. Perhaps something is wrong? Her mother gave a party last night: this is all she will say on the topic.

Rare Failure


Your student looks as if she's about to say something, but stops herself – whatever thought she has aren't fully-formed enough to share. Still, a few hours later, she's made good progress on the problem.