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From: Make Your Name – The Writer's Desk: Begin a Work or The Writer's Desk: Begin a Work

A suitable way for a teller of tales to earn a living. The Riverside, The Magazine Formerly Known as the London Magazine and Midnights all publish stories by the score.

Unlocked with Working on... : nothing yet...


The blank page

First the draft, then the rewrite, then publication!

Success Instructions: Create Manuscript Pages to write your story. When you have at least 10, rework your story to improve its Potential and get the best price. Improve your piece to 30 Potential to continue making your name. For this short story, you'll need no more than 10 Pages and 30 Potential. Writing more will bring no additional benefit.
Wiki note: See Short Stories (Guide) for help.

  • Empresscourtsmall.png You are writing a Short Story. (Sets Working on... to 31 - a Short Story)
  • Papers4small.png You now have 1 x Manuscript Page
  • Egggoldsmall.png An occurrence! Your 'Potential' Quality is now 20 - Very probably good enough!

Conclusion: The Writer's Desk: Finish a Short Story

Redirects to: The Writer's Desk: work on your story!