Write down a name in Gant

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From: Epistolary Matters

A knot needs cutting.

Game Instructions: This letter can only be mailed to a Licentiate. Unlike other letters, this will not increase your Corresponding... progress. Instead, mailing it will greatly reduce your Suspicion and Scandal. The recipient will gain the Rostygold, Shadowy and Dangerous progress, and Moves in the Great Game.

Unlocked with 500 x Piece of Rostygold, A Person of Some Importance -

Locked with A Letter, Ready to Mail



When one has taken one's rightful position in society, one sometimes has to arrange for certain unfortunate events to take place.

Payment is not enclosed in the letter, of course. You will make sure it is found in the right dead drop.

Recipient's Benefit: Pursue a name written in gant