You cherish your spouses

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From: London's Blood

No matter what tribulation the Neath sends to you, your spouses stands with you.

Unlocked with Committed: You are committed to a relationship, Notability 12, A Bewildering Procession of Companions, Lovers, Suitors, and Paramours OR Philosophically Perfect Partnership OR Endlessly Invigorating Union


To love and be loved

Your spouses bring you strength and joy. Together you are something greater than any of you could be alone. The Ambitious Barrister nods. "There are many who would envy you that. Your spouses are-You are all very lucky"[…]

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  • Keygoldsmall.png An occurrence! Your 'London's Blood' Quality is now 2 - Happy in love!
  • Sidebarnotabilitysmall.png An occurrence! Your 'Notability' Quality is now 1 - A little star next to your name in Slowcake's!!